Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Daddy :o)

I sent some videos out recently via email to my list of family and friends. My Daddy replied "Great video. You are a good mom to your girls." Quick, to the point, but enough to make me feel really good inside. I'm glad he thinks so. 10 years ago, you couldn't have convinced me I'd ever care what my parents think, but now, it means so much. I'm glad he thinks I'm a good mom.


Mark picked Chloe up a little earlier than I was expecting yesterday, which gave Cora and I the afternoon to ourselves. What do we do when we get bored? That's right, we went shopping. LOL We went to the mall looking for Christmas presents. I usually buy one Christmas/birthday gift each month but I've been slacking off since January and only had one for Chloe and two for Cora. I was feeling a bit stressed about it, but I also don't have as much time without Chloe now so it's been harder. Anyway, at Claire's they had all their clearance items clearanced even more, down to $1 each. So I bought a bunch of girly stuff for Chloe - head bands, hair ties, bracelets and rings, fun stuff. At Target I got the Disney Scene It game for $7, two computer games - one where you have a virtual kitten, the other is a kindergarten learning thing - for $9.99 each. All that was 1/2 off. And I got Cora a couple of board books, a Baby Einstein one and one called Butterfly Kisses that comes with a little butterfly finger puppet. Too cute. I'm really happy with myself. Christmas is much cheaper when you spread it out over the year. It's so hard to buy anything for Cora though, compared to Chloe who loves everything. I'm not sure what all she's getting. I really wanna get Chloe a sewing machine and a digital camera, but I think it might be one or the other. Ahhhh kids are fun!


Yesterday I was a busy momma. I grocery shopped, cleaned out my van, vacuumed it and washed it, finished all the laundry (in addition to normal household stuff.) The girls and I spent a couple hours at the park. Cora got a little pink - gotta start remembering to put sunscreen on her! Chloe rode her scooter around the park while we walked, and then we all camped out on a blanket for awhile and just enjoyed the pretty weather.

Today we need to go down to Main Street to pick up a gift for Andrew's mom for mother's day, and so I can see if I can find some pink and black yarn because my baby girl needs a punk rock striped soaker to match her pirate leggings. :oP Other things on the to-do list are washing diapers and sheets, cleaning my room, and hopefully arranging a play date for Chloe with one of her friends this afternoon. Poor kid hasn't had any interaction with friends lately. I'm so anti-social. :o\


Alright, that's enough rambling for now. I better get moving!


Dani said...

That Butterfly Kisses book is soooooooo cute! Delaney has it! :o)

Deb said...

Ahhhh, you ARE a good mom!!!

What are soakers? I have been meaning to ask you that...

And the early / spread out Christmas shopping? What a great idea! But where do you keep all the gifts? I'm afraid that I'd forget where I put them... LOL

Have a great day~

Julie said...

Soakers are knitted wool diaper covers. They sound a bit weird, but actually work very well - the best method of cloth diapering I've found. They just look like little knitted shorts. Wool is really breathable and it absorbs a ton of moisture. You wash them by hand and add a bit of lanolin sometimes so they don't leak.

I have a linen closet in my bedroom that is where I keep the Christmas presents. It won't always work, but for now it does. We also have an unfinished section of our basement where I could keep things once the girls are older.