Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Sweater From Hell

Whee! It's done. Okay, so it wasn't really that bad. But any sane person would have knitted about 10 rows of that pattern with that yarn, and they would have nixed the project without going any further. Sanity is not a trait that I claim, however, and I decided to wage war with the most God-awful yarn ever created.

I'm happy to report that I won the war. And honestly, the result is pretty great.

Pattern: Beachcomber sweater from Rainbow Knits for Kids by Cheryl Potter, size 18 months
Yarn: Southwest Trading Company's Chenille (the yarn is discontinued. It's no flipping wonder why. It's wormy, it sheds like there's no tomorrow, it can not be ripped back. Never, ever again.)
Needles: size 6 straights and dpn's

And some pretty little faux mother of pearl buttons from Joann's.

It's already stashed in the Christmas Closet. Now, on to Chloe's sweater. She picked out the style, she okayed the yarn (blue, her new favorite color). Her only stipulations? It has to have a picture of Black Beauty knitted into it, and ruffles on the sleeves and hem. It's gonna be a project, that's for sure. My greatest fear is that I'll finish the darn thing and she'll decide by Christmas that she suddenly likes green and no longer likes horses. She changes her mind more often than she changes her underwear, I swear!
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