Sunday, July 27, 2008

That was enough of that.

With Chloe's recent interest in opera, I decided to take her to see one last night. There is only one live opera in our town each year, put on by a small local company. Last night we saw an updated version of Puccini's Tosca. We went out earlier in the day and bought her a fancy new dress and some cute little 'high heel' shoes (all for less than $10 at a kid's consignment store, yay!) It was a big deal for her, she was so excited.

Andrew's sister came to stay with Cora, and actually Andrew was home, but was in bed so he could go to work at two this morning. So Chloe and I went on our own. The story was good, but honestly, I was pretty much bored to tears. Opera is just not my thing. I can do Phantom of the Opera, but that's not really an opera at all, it's just a musical. Chloe seems fairly pleased with it, though she fell asleep through the whole third act. The only time she woke up was when the main guy got shot. She startled, looked up, then started snoring again. She slept the whole way home so I haven't been able to ask her yet what she thought of it. I like that she showed in an interest in something so intellectual and cultural, but I hope if there are any other operas she wants to see that she decides to have Andrew go with her instead. LOL


I feel sort of bad, I was asking Andrew how to start the lawn mower last night, thinking maybe I'd try and mow the lawn today. It's gotten pretty long, and he's been working so much - and out of town - that he hasn't had a chance to do it. So he mowed last night before going to bed. Poor guy, he's so over worked. I get a little frustrated sometimes because when he's off work he just wants to sit around and relax, even though there are things to be done around the house. But then I just have to remind myself that most people don't possess the obscene amount of energy that I do, and that other people like taking breaks. He works more hours than any normal man ought to, he deserves to have a break once in awhile.


Okay, I have about a million things to do around this house, I better not sit here and ramble any more.

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