Sunday, April 13, 2008


My silly little baby is still up, and it's after 10:00. I hate her new schedule. :o(

It's my turn to be sick now, I guess. I have a 101 degree fever, I'm freezing cold and am wearing more than enough clothing that I shouldn't be, I'm exhausted, my body aches, and my lungs hurt. Definitely bronchitis, as I suspected with Chloe. Cora's still sick, but appears to be getting better slowly. She's just got the icky cough that comes with bronchitis. I picked up a couple of homeopathics for her, and the cough one especially seems to be helping. Poor baby, she coughs and coughs and finally vomits. And let me tell you, for such a teeny tiny little girl, that belly of hers can hold a LOT of milk! I'm fascinated with how much she produces each time she throws up.

I hate being sick. I don't feel like doing anything at all except laying on the bed whimpering and sleeping. I am a sissy when I'm sick, and I know it. Unfortunately I have a HUGE pile of laundry (the result of lots of baby vomit) that needs to be tackled tomorrow, and the kitchen floor needs to be mopped where she has now puked twice. I did wipe it up with towels and wipe it down with Clorox wipes after, but it definitely needs to be mopped. Unfortunately, I used the last of the mopping soap earlier in the week, so I'll need to go to the store to get more. I haven't straightened up much, or washed dishes, so things are starting to pile up. And Chloe will be home in the morning, adding to the "I need to do stuff" feeling. She's not sick anymore, and doesn't understand what it means for me to be sick. She'll want to play, go outside, go for a walk, do school, etc. and I won't feel like it and then she'll pout and I'll feel bad.

Oy. I hope I kick this as fast as she did. If it runs the same course as it did for her, I'll be really sick tomorrow and Tuesday, but should feel a bit better by Wednesday minus the cough that seems to be hanging around.

Now if only I could get my baby to sleep! Argh! She can easily stay up till 10:30 or later, and I'm afraid to feed her more for fear of more vomit. I don't have many clothes left that haven't been puked on.

Blech. The joys of motherhood. I can't wait for this one to be over!

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Frugal Finds said...

Julie, My DS can not take most over the counter cold meds so we have learned a few tricks that seem to help when he is sick. The best thing for a cough is putting a think layer of Vicks on the bottom of the feet and putting socks on. It works great!!
We also love Cold Eze. Really helps shorten the life of an illness.
frugal Carol