Friday, April 18, 2008

Nothing to say

I haven't blogged in awhile. I haven't been feeling very good either, but mostly, it's just because I really don't have anything to say. :::gasp::: who ever would have thought that would happen? :o)

So the whole bronchitis thing really kicked my butt. I'm just now starting to feel back to normal. That is, I'm sneezing and my eyes are all itchy again, so the allergies have taken back over. Ugh. I love spring usually, but I'm starting to hate it!

On Wednesday I took Chloe to Coldstone Creamery for a treat in honor of her finishing all of the pink books in the Reader Rabbit series we're doing. The books, which come with a computer game, were my little brother's. The game is designed to work on Windows 3.1, but we made it work on our computer. She's doing so well! Now we're into the yellow books which focus a lot more on punctuation - apostrophes for possessive nouns, quotation marks and commas, along with the usual periods, question marks, and exclamation points. She's a little intimidated by all those weird marks on the page, but she's doing well so far. and she mostly loves it. Math usually consists of a bunch of jelly beans (or m&ms, sunflower seeds, beads, corks, or whatever else) and a sheet with 5-10 addition problems. She uses the objects to actually show the numbers, counts them together and gets her answer. She likes doing it, so we keep doing it. When she's really comfortable with that, we'll do subtraction. Aside from those things, school isn't anything structured, we just do what we feel like doing and I try to find a way to teach her something from it. Homeschooling is proving to be very entertaining and a great workout for my brain (and patience!)

In the crafty area - haven't done much of anything, really. I made a cloth bag yesterday, but haven't finished it yet. Just more scraps of fabric patched together. I love shopping with cloth. And I love how many people are doing it now! And knitting - I have a soaker almost finished, but not quite. Need to do the ribbing around the legs which is my least favorite part, and I'm procrastinating. As soon as I finish this one, I need to make another. My baby girl is growing fast! I kind of want to spend the afternoon tie dying. I have lots of diapers that could use some color, and Chloe likes doing it. We'll see though... not sure what I'll be up to yet.

So I've been reading Katey's blog and all about her family's adventures with geocaching. And I think I'm finally convinced that we need to try it. It sounds like lots of fun. Andrew had never heard of it, so I told him about it, and he agreed that it could be fun and said we can try it a bit. We don't have a handheld GPS, but my dad does and said we could borrow it. So Chloe and I might decided to spend the afternoon geocaching instead of tie dying. :o) I think there's one at a nearby park that might make a good starting point for us to learn how this all works. Anyone else do this?

Well, I suppose that's all I'll write for today. I have a lot to do this morning if we're going to have the afternoon free to do something fun.


Katey said...

aww that is sooo cool you are going to cache!! and the homeschool thing with Chloe doing punctuation?? I better get busy on Jesse LOL he will be 9 next month.....if he sits to read on huis own I am happy!!

Deb said...

Okay, I'll bite.... what is geocaching?? Never heard of it...

((hugs)) ~Deb