Saturday, April 19, 2008

Picture perfect

Spring always sparks a bit of inspiration in me that carries through to everything I do. I clean just a little bit better - I think having the windows open helps with that. I sew and knit with bright colors, probably inspired by the flowers starting to bloom outside. I cook and bake - all kinds of yummy treats, warm weather foods, recipes I'd put away for the winter.

My whole house is so nice and straightened right now. Little messes here and there from playing or creating, but nothing overwhelming. A quick run through and it'll be right back where it belongs. The floors will be swept, mopped and vacuumed this afternoon, and windows washed next week. I have clothes hanging on the line that I hand washed this morning - delicates and hand knits. There are chocolate chip walnut cookies in the oven along side a loaf of banana bread that will be turned into teething biscuits for Cora. Fried chicken for dinner tonight - to heck with the healthy stuff for one night!

Chloe's outside playing with the dog, Cora's banging on a bowl with a wooden spoon. The wind is blowing just a little bit, and with the windows open, it just *smells like spring in here.

Sometimes life just feels so picture perfect. I know it's not really, but it's okay to pretend once in awhile, no?


Happy spring days like this one are good for the soul.

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