Friday, April 25, 2008

We're off to see the wizard....

We had such a fun time last night! At the last minute we decided to see if we could get decent seats at the local dinner theater, The Cabaret. Wizard of Oz is playing, and we hold season tickets and wanted to take Chloe. We worked it all out - had my mom watch Cora, got permission from Mark to keep Chloe last night, and went, and had a splendid time. I love watching Chloe when she sees plays, she really enjoys them. Poor thing was so tired by the end though, it went until 10:00 and she'd already had a long day. She especially liked the tornado, and thankfully wasn't scared of the witch. It was amazing how well Dorothy and the witch did sounding just like the original actresses in the movie. It really was a good show. I enjoy seeing those - it's something fun to do and I don't feel too guilty asking my mom to baby sit for that, because they usually go too. I hope they do another kid-friendly one sometime soon, because taking Chloe makes it that much more fun.


Mark was sort of weird when I talked to him yesterday afternoon. He was supposed to have Chloe around 1:00 but didn't call, so I kind of assumed maybe he wasn't taking her at all. I called around 3:00 and he just said he was sorry, he didn't know he'd be so busy. When I called I asked if I could keep her last night so we could see the play, and then on Sunday if I could have her around noon (he's scheduled to have her all day) because her friend's birthday party is that day. He agreed to both, but sounded... sad? I dont' know. Not mad. I definitely know what mad sounds like when it's coming from Mark. He just got quiet and sounded really.... sad. It was strange. I agreed to let him have her Tuesday afternoon, as he won't be off early next Thursday. Good enough for me. I don't see any reason to let him have her a whole bunch anyway - he can't pay child support, he can't keep the schedule we have set up. I'm not there to be at his beck and call whenever he feels like seeing his daughter. She's such a happy kid right now, I'm dreading him seeing her tonight and screwing it all up. :o\


Andrew decided to take a break from turkey hunting today. Yay! He's not going tomorrow either. Two whole days spent with my man. :o) I have a million things for him to do. LOL I really want to plant today, we have a bunch of things to do both outside and in, and I want to go for a walk/scooter ride at the park, and, and, and. Always so much to do! I'm glad he's home. I miss him when he's not around much.

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