Monday, April 28, 2008

Pics & such

I figured it was time for more pictures. :o)

Here's what math class looks like at our house:

Yes, those are wine corks she's using to help her add. LOL

Here's Cora with her tree, and some other non-graphic placenta-planting pics. Apryl asked what the purpose of planting the placenta is. I guess it's sort of symbolic - planting a tree to symbolize new life, and not disposing of the placenta but instead appreciating it's value (it fed my baby for 9 months!) but planting it so it has a sort of permanence. It also makes great fertilizer. LOL And now we have a tree roughly the same age as the baby, which will be kind of neat as long as we live here. The whole placenta planting thing isn't for everyone for sure, but then, neither is having your baby at home in your living room. You're welcome to think I'm crazy if you'd like, many people do. You can read more about the whole placenta thing by googling 'planting the placenta'. There's lots of stuff about it.

And some pictures of the flowers around my yard. There's still some random junk sitting out that makes them look kind of icky, but I figured if I didn't take them now, I'd never take them. The empty spot on the plant stand is where my cascade petunias will go if I can find yellow and white ones.

And one quick pic of my girl and her dog. :o) They are such good friends.


Dyan said...

Julie, Your kids are SO cute! It must be fun having two! I am Deb's oldest daughter, I love reading about peoples lives! Thanks for the invite!

Apryl said...

I don't think you're crazy at all. I had just never heard of it.