Sunday, April 27, 2008

Planting and more planting

There are so many beautiful new plants in our yard this year!

Yesterday we planted trees. We planted Cora's placenta with a red maple in the back yard. I took pictures, but decided they might gross some of you out, so I won't post them. :o) I'm so glad we did it though, I know girls who have placentas in their freezer from their last 3 kids with the intention of planting them, and never get around to it. We also planted a peach tree and an apple tree. The peach tree has about 4 little peaches on it, hopefully they ripen and turn out well, and survive the transplant.

In the perennial bed I planted a meadow sage, pinks, Shasta daisies and English daisies, plus 10 gladiolus bulbs and three dahlia bulbs.

In my pots I have yellow Gerbera daisies and snapdragons, vanilla marigolds and white verbena. I want to get some yellow and white cascade petunias to put in one more pot with the others near the porch. I also put some petunias in a big bowl near the corner of the yard.

In the veggie garden we have radishes, spinach, lettuce, peas, green beans, beets, tomatoes, bell peppers, corn, and I'm going to plant some cucumbers this week.

I'm rather pleased with everything. Hopefully I can brave the bugs this summer to keep it all alive and weeded. :oP That's the worst part of gardening. It's great this time of year, when there aren't so many bugs, but by June the wasps will be out thick, and I'm scared of them!

Andrew did a ton around the house yesterday and Friday. I love how ambitious he is. He's off turkey hunting again today, this time with my dad. Cora and I are going to my mom's for breakfast and then we have a bunch to do before we go to a birthday party at one. Chloe spent last night at Mark's so I have to pick her up on the way there. Hopefully she's not all cranky and miserable.

Well, I guess that's all for now. I need to take pictures of my yard and post them sometime soon.


Apryl said...

I'm curious. What is the purpose of planting the placenta? Never heard of it before.

Dani said...

YAY! I can read it now!! I want to see pictures of all of your flowers and stuff!

Deb said...

YAY........ much better! I love your new layout! Woo hoo!

Blessings to you today, kiddo~ Deb

Deb said...

Oh, and when you have some free time, why don't you come to MY garden and do some planting???? Hmmmm??? *muah*