Thursday, April 10, 2008

He's going MIA again...

Hubby got up for work at 2 am yesterday morning. He didn't get home until sometime after 11 last night - I was asleep so I have no idea when it was. He informed me a bit ago that he'll be going back in at 8:30 and they are going to Wyoming for three days. They'll be back Saturday. Sunday is opening day for turkey season so I probably shouldn't expect to see him. And then another week of work starts. :::sigh::: I hate being all on my own! And it's even worse with a sick baby, and not feeling so hot myself. Waaaaahhh.

Okay. Pity party over. :oP


I haven't posted any FO pics for awhile.

I finished this hat before we left for CA. It was supposed to keep me entertained on the drive, but went faster than I expected.

Pattern: Headline News from Stitch n Bitch Nation. If you're a knitter and don't own this book, go and buy it, along with its counterparts. They are fabulous.

Yarn: Lamb's Pride Superwash Bulky in colorway Autumn Leaves (a green-ish color with purple and brown bits, LOVE the color!) bought at that yard sale for $1. Used one skein and about a yard of a second skein.

Needles: size 7 & 9 circulars and size 8 dpns because it was all I had.

Absolutely thrilled with the result. I almost lost this hat on Space Mountain - had to go back and have the girl who worked there find it for me in one of the cars, I'd forgotten it. So glad I got it back!

Finally finished these socks. Terrible picture, sorry, I took it in the van on our way back home.

Pattern: None, I just made it up. Never did that with socks before, so it was an experience. They're very plain, I figured the crazy colored yarn was enough, they didn't need anything fancy in the stitchwork. casted on 68 sts and went from there.

Yarn: Trekking XXL 186 (?) I think.... A yard sale skein for $1. Still have quite a bit left. I see matching socks for Cora in my future.

Needles: size 1 dpn's.

I don't love them, but I don't hate them. This yarn is really tacky. I haven't worn them yet and am considering adding them to my gift stash for some unsuspecting birthday victim. We'll see.

I casted this on the other day when I needed something simple to work on. It was going to be striped. Then I decided that, hey, I've never tried any colorwork before, why not start now? This is my first attempt, not using a pattern, and having never seen how faire isle or intarsia is really done. I'm not sure which this is - faire isle or intarsia. I have since ripped this out and restarted it due to some silly mistakes here and there, but it looks basically the same, just the spots are centered better and knitted a bit looser. I'm loving the colorwork knitting - I want to do more now! The plan is to make this an apron top for Cora - I have two balls of the turquoise and one of the purple, it's Bernat Cott'n Soft, 50c each at that yard sale. Chloe and I decided that the top, with its spots, reminds us of Sully from Monsters Inc. :-)

I also casted on for the Zetor scarf while we were on our way back from California. It's working up beautifully in Euroflax Sport, a lilac color, but it's WAY too complicated to work on while little girls are awake. I have to watch every single stitch and it's all done from a chart, which I'm not terribly good at. It's a challenge though, and fun. I'm considering the possibility of gifting this as well, but after it's finished, with all the work it's taking, I may not be able to part with it! It'll be a long time before this one is finished due to not being able to work on it very much.


I guess that's all I'll post about today. I'm thinking we'll be homebound again today while I take care of the sicky baby. Mark's supposed to pick Chloe up this afternoon for an over-night visit. He hasn't seen her in almost two weeks. I love the new job he has - he hardly ever has time to get her anymore! :oX

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Katey said...

OH I miss wearing Jesse!!! Loved my sling!! cute hat too :)