Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm allergic to the whole world.

I think I'd actually rather have a cold than the allergies I have right now. Ugh. Between the cat returning home from his vacation to the in-laws' and all of the plants and flowers and pollen and burn season, I'm pretty much miserable. My eyes itch and they are all puffy, and my nose won't stop running and I keep sneezing about 15 times in a row. Did you know that a sneeze is the closest you can get to an orgasm without actually having one? Sadly, sneezing isn't nearly as enjoyable. :::sigh:::

Did y'all read about the New Kids on the Block getting back together? Apparently they were on the Today show (I don't watch TV much, I had no idea) and they are putting out an album. How flippin' cool! I was a NKOTB junkie when I was about 11 years old. :o)

So Chloe feels better. She's still got a cough, but other than that seems fine. I think that was the sickest she's ever been. She's never been sick enough to just sleep for hours at a time two days in a row. I'm glad it wasn't worse though - I'm not used to sick kids, and I get all worried. She got an umbrella at Disneyland, that was the souvenir she picked out. She's been asking me to get her an umbrella for two years, but I never saw any good reason to since it rains a total of about 5 days a year here, and no one ever really bothers with umbrellas. Well, she got her umbrella, one with all the Disney princesses on it. As soon as we walked out of the store, it started sprinkling. She was one happy little girl. And then yesterday it rained on and off all day, so she would go outside in her snowboots and jacket with her umbrella up, just walking around in the rain. :o) It was so cute. I'm convinced that it's always better to let kids pick their own souvenirs as soon as they are old enough. Last year she picked out a pirate sword, and that thing has been played with at least briefly almost every day since we got it. If I would've picked something, she'd probably already have forgotten about it.

Miss Cora is on the worst schedule ever right now. She's going to bed around 11, and sleeping till about 10. I need her to be in bed about three hours earlier - I NEED that nighttime quiet before I go to bed. And she didn't sleep well at all last night - I think she just wasn't all that tired. I'm gonna change her back to her old schedule as soon as humanly possible, for my own sanity's sake!

Today is grocery shopping day - we have next to nothing to eat in this house, so it's rather urgent. Tuesday used to be Michael's craft class day, but they cancelled the kid's craft class, so now I have to figure something out to do at home. I think we're going to make a picture frame for the picture of Chloe hugging Cinderella. She should like that.

I know, I know, pictures. I got them all uploaded to Walmart.com thinking I could just post a link to the album there, but it's not working. I printed something like 120 pictures to be picked up today - yikes! That's a heck of a scrapbooking project! Anyhow, that means I still need to resize and upload to photobucket to share them. What a PITA. :oP

:::yawn::: I better go start some laundry and get things going so we can leave for shopping as soon as my sleepy head girls wake up.

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allykitty5 said...

I think (but I'm not positive) that Photobucket will resize your pictures for you to make them more blog- or website-friendly. It's a setting that you have to set yourself. I know I have my pictures upload to 640x400 dimension or something like that. If I didn't, they'd take up the whole page. Just an idea, in case you didn't know about it! :) Maybe it will make it easier for you.