Friday, March 7, 2008

All in a days' work

I thought it would be interesting yesterday to make a log of all the things I did. Thought maybe it would help me feel like I actually did something yesterday.

*Got the girls dressed and grocery shopped. Went to 3 stores.
*Made smoothies, drank smoothies, did a spelling/reading lesson, changed Chloe, reviewed Ireland stuff, sent her to her dad's
*Put groceries away, washed dishes, played with the silly baby.
*Went to the mall, got a new earring back, got Easter stuff, put baby down for a nap, cleaned up the computer room a little, made two scrapbook pages.
*folded and put away two loads of laundry, took out the trash, snuggled with the baby when she woke up, made frozen burritos for myself for lunch, put away all of the Barbie shoes, work sheets, half-full juice cups, beer bottle caps, recipe cards and other things that will forever clutter my countertops and kitchen table, cleaned out the fridge (which turned out to be a profoundly disgusting chore), washed the tupperware containers after removing the moldy contents (too bad Chloe wasn't around today, we could've done a whole unit study on penicillin), screamed repeatedly at the baby during all of this (it's a game - she screams back and thinks it's hilarious), took out the trash again.
*Fed the baby an apple in her new mesh feeder, laughed at her feeding it to the dog, took pictures, turned 2 grocery bags into yarn for my new project (only about 118 bags to go...), played catch with the baby and knitted 4 rows of plastic
*Called my mom, went with her to visit my grandparents, called Andrew's aunt on the way home, played with the baby for a few, hubby came home, went out to eat, watched American Idol, went to bed.

That was a pretty average Thursday. Add in countless diaper changes and multiple feeding sessions and lots of snuggling, plus constantly keeping the cat from stealing refrigerator letters and trying to convince the dog not to keep licking the baby.

Do I feel accomplished? Not at all, really. I'm only disappointed that I didn't get the floors mopped too.

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