Saturday, March 8, 2008

Miscellaneous Banter

I got the floors swept and mopped first thing in the morning, before the baby woke up and Chloe got home. It was so nice to see them all shiny. I got a new mop too, which makes it all the more pleasant.

I got to enjoy having clean floors for all of 30 minutes.

As soon as Chloe got home, we made her Irish soda bread. I bit the bullet and let her do it all by herself. I just read the recipe and helped her figure out which measuring cups to use for what. All went well until we somehow got buttermilk all over the counter, dripping down the bowl, and covering the library book that we got the recipe out of. Ah well. She had a blast making it. So much for clean floors....

Have you ever had Irish soda bread? It's sort of like a giant biscuit with a crispy outer, full of raisins and caraway seeds. Yes, caraway. The recipe calls for 2 TABLESPOONS of caraway. Ew. It's really pretty awful. Even Chloe didn't like it, with jam smeared all over it. Ah well, it was an experience. We sent half the loaf home with her father. I asked Chloe if she'd like to live in Ireland. She said she'd rather eat potatoes there than eat their soda bread. :o)

She spent a great portion of time digging happily in the garden. It'll be sad when it's planted, she won't be able to play out there anymore. She really, really loves dirt. She also asked me to teach her to knit yesterday. I decided crocheting a chain was probably a good start, so we did that. She did actually make a bit of a chain. I told her if she makes it long enough we can make it into shoelaces for her.

We sat around for awhile inside, then sat around for awhile outside, and I really just kind of hung out and enjoyed my girls all day. They make me smile so much. I love how they love each other. I sure wish I'd have had a sister to grow up with!

Oh, and we took some cute pictures of Chubba.

Chubba now plays peek-a-boo. It is utterly entertaining. :o)

I always get in this weird restless funk when I finish a big knitting project. I made the pants and hat for Cora, and now I'm just sort of stuck. I don't know what to do with myself. I casted on for a ruffled pinafore, decided I didn't really feel like making something she'd never wear, and ripped it out.

And if you're anything like me, you've always wondered what it would be like to knit with plastic. That is, plastic bags, cut into strips, and then knitted. Let me tell you, it's miserable. Not any fun at all. It's really not worth trying, no matter how fascinating it sounds. I was going to knit a bag. A bag, made out of bags. WTH? Sometimes my creativity confuses me.

I got five rows in, bound it off, and chalked it up to a learning experience. I bet it would make warm insulation inside a quilt. But truly, I have no burning desire to knit with plastic anymore. Glad I got that out of my system.

After that, I casted on for the Summer Sundress from the Interweave Summer 05. I knitted 9 rows of the lace hem. I ripped it out after some weird mistake. I knitted those 9 rows again, screwed up again. After the fourth attempt, I got to row 10. It's one of those super-intricate lace patterns that requires my fullest attention at all times. and I'm a mother with two small children. That'll never happen. It took all day to get one inch completed - I'd need about two yards of this lace before I could even start the skirt. While I think it looks like a fascinating pattern, and one I'd really enjoy, I don't have that much quiet time.

So I'm stuck, with no idea what I'm going to make. I hate when that happens. :-\

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Dani said...

Crocheting with plastic bags is even worse than knitting with it! I've tried both!

And I wish I had a sister growing up too! My two adore each other like yours do!