Thursday, March 20, 2008


Reading my last two posts back to myself, I realized I sound bi-polar, or at least indecisive. One is complaining about my kid, the next is saying how much I love her. Crazy? Or just very typical for the parent of a five year old? Probably the latter. I love her dearly, I just hate some of the five year old struggles we're starting to face.

Yesterday actually was a much better day. Getting through to her takes a lot of energy, and lots of consistency, but it does happen every so often. That kid thrives on schedules and rituals just like I do - as long as we make things a habit and happen every day, she doesn't complain so much. She cleaned her room better than I've ever seen yesterday, all without complaint. It helps when I'm not frustrated from the get-go too. Hopefully today will be as good. Her dad's out of town so I don't have to give her up, but that also means no break which I sometimes sort of look forward to.


My husband still isn't home. It's nearly 6 am. His work schedule lately has been horrid. They got behind one day, and just keep getting further and further behind. I can't get ahold of him because he has no service where he's working, so I don't know what's going on. And actually, I'd lost my phone up until this morning, when I had Dani call me as I ran through the house listening for it vibrating. It was in the basket of Chloe's doll stroller. I betcha she'll say Milo put it there. :-P

Speaking of Milo - I'm about ready to strangle that little shit head. He's been into EVERYTHING lately! He's knocked two plants off a shelf trying to get to some corks in a jar up there. He keeps stealing the Easter decorations, he steals the baby's ball from her, he took off with the whole sock I was knitting the other night and dragged it upstairs. If it had unraveled I would have hung him by his tail from the ceiling fan, I tell you. He's so cute... sometimes. But he's been creating a lot more work for me lately, which I certainly don't need.


So today, my plan is to take the car to the good carwash around 9 am, dragging both girls along. That should be pleasant. Or not. I need to get it detailed so I can get it sold. I'd also like to mop the floors, and I need to finish putting all the winter stuff away and hanging and folding the spring clothes I finished washing yesterday. Other than that, I'm gonna sit on my butt and enjoy my kids again - seems to be good for my sanity to do that!

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