Friday, March 7, 2008

I adopted Danny Noriega's twins.

First, let me just say - Squeeeee!!!! Danny is GONE! American voters have redeemed themselves! I was so thrilled I squealed out loud, causing the baby to startle and thus cry pitifully until I snuggled her some more. So glad Kady and Luke are gone. Asia'h surprised me a little, and she could've done alright a little bit longer, but she really had no chance at actually winning, so whatever.


So back to the twins. There's this cute girl that works at Wal Mart - she's about my age, used to be a checker, now she's a manager. She's always so friendly and happy. She's got a couple of kids. Anyhow - she got knocked up by Danny Noriega. She didn't want the baby, and put it up for adoption. Andrew and I were to adopt the baby, which we found out during the pregnancy was a boy. So we get to the birthing center, and there is a little girl - I was all excited, they were wrong, we got another girl! We went to visit with the parents for a minute, and lo and behold, there was a boy too. So we adopted twins - Danny Noriega's twins.

What was Danny Noriega doing having sex with a woman in the first place? We'll never know...


Sorry for the back to back posts - that one just deserved it's own title. LOL


Dani said...

Only you would have a dream like that!! LOL

allykitty5 said...

Andy and I gave each other a high-five when Danny was voted off. As if we had something to do with it. LOL