Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday stuff

I'm so weird. 5:45 am, I got up, went to the bathroom, and it was really hard for me to decide whether or not I should get out of bed for good. I always say I want to relax more, but there's just so much to do! Finally I decided that I'd get up, since I was in bed at 9:30 and that was plenty of sleep. Sometimes I wish I could have someone come, just once, and clean my whole house from top to bottom and help me organize it all. Then I'd just have to keep it up. I just always feel so behind, like there's so much to do. All day every day it's go, go, go - I rarely sit down except for a few minutes to feed the baby and mess around online, but that's not much of a break. At the end of the day though, it seems like I never accomplished anything anyway.

Blah. I'm strange.


So we're doing a sort of unit study on Ireland. It's hard to teach a kindergartener about Ireland, or any country for that matter, because she has no concept of the world as a whole, and what other countries are. She knows she lives in Grand Junction, Colorado, in America. I spent all this time looking at a map, pointing out Ireland, pointing out America, talking about the ocean, etc. I thought she had it. Then she asked "does my dad live in Ireland?" LOL Guess it'll take more time than I thought to get that point across. She did learn a lot from a few library books though. We're going to bake Irish soda bread when she gets home from her dad's tomorrow, and we got some Irish folk tales to read at bedtime. We'll make an Irish flag, and whatever else I find that's Irish, and we'll do some spelling words that have something to do with Ireland.

Spelling with her is funny. I spell a word on the fridge, she sounds it out, then tells me what it is and says it in a sentence. The saying it in a sentence is something she started, but I like it so we keep doing it. Mostly just because she makes me laugh. Where does she come up with this stuff?

Ten: Ten million dollars I need for my husband's coloring stuff.

When: When did the crocodile eat my dog?

Dork: You look like a dork, Mom.



A quick AI re-cap, then I have to get in the shower.

I think the guys, overall, are far better than the girls. Really, really far better.

David A, David Cook and Jason Castro are still my top 3 faves - all of them flippin' rocked on Tuesday. I would honestly pay for Jason Castro and David Cook's songs. David A doesn't sing anything I'd likely listen to (except for his John Mayer audition, that was cool) but I still really adore him. I told Andrew last night - I want one! He's like a puppy, I want to bring him home with me. LOL

Chikezie and Luke are my votes to be gone this week. David Hernandez (?) has surprised me. I like Michael Johns too and thought his song this week was great. And Danny? Ugh! He's like the Sanjaya of season 7, only far more annoying. I just can't handle the excessive gayness. Cute little tomato? TMTH? Oy vey. And I hate when people speak in acronym. Overall, I'd like to see him go home immediately, but I have a sneaking suspicion he'll be around awhile.

The girls are starting to dissapoint me. I do really like Amanda, and was pleased with her performance last night. Carly needs to do something good - I agree with Simon, she needs to find THAT song. She's got a great voice, but hasn't really showcased it yet. Kristy Lee Cook was another one of my faves, but she hasn't impressed me a whole lot lately. I'd like to see Kady and Ramiele go home. Kady because she just isn't that great, and Ramiele is just kind of boring - she doesn't stand out for me. Sayesha annoys me, I thought Asia'h's song last night didn't suit her and wasn't so great. Brooke is surprising me a lot - I thought this week and last week were both really great, and at first I kind of thought she was awful.

And was it just me, or did some of those girls last night have some awful outfits on? What's with the high-waisted pants that practically go up to their boobs? I hate that style. Thankfully, my husband said he's perfectly happy with my low-rise jeans. :-)

Alright, I'm off to the shower, if this baby (whom I am now holding) will let me.

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Dani said...

I'm cleaning/organizing one room at a time here, because I've come to the conclusion nobody is going to come do it for me! LOL The only way I can get it done is one room at a time!