Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It has to get better, right?

Ugh, man. I've had a rough couple of days. Nothing too specific, just lots of little things that all add up - you know how it is.

So, will someone with some experience please tell me that whining, talking back, snotty attitudes and selective hearing are symptoms of MOST five year olds, not just mine? Argh. This kid, I tell you. I tell her something - "don't play in the garden" for instance, or "please go put your shoes away" - and she just keeps on doing what she's doing, acting as if she never even heard me. Sadly, I don't think she *does hear me. Last night she was in the bath, I told her "As soon as you get out, I need you to pick up your Pet Shop toys." She looked at me with that blank stare, and I asked her what I had just said. She couldn't repeat it. I just don't know what to do with her sometimes! Add to that the "I don't waaaaant to" and "Hmphh. You're not nice to me" and I'm about ready to lock her in the basement for a year! We're gonna start trying a few new things around here, because I'm really, really sick of the attitude. I see a lot of time outs in her future.

So I tried to grocery shop yesterday. I failed miserably. Let me preface this by saying that, in general, I LOVE to grocery shop. I mean, I really, really love it. And I love taking my girls. Chloe has always been a dream at the grocery store - she is well behaved, asks good questions that prompt intelligent discussion (lots of learning about the underpaid children in China happens in Wal Mart LOL) and she entertains her sister beautifully when I need her to. I love it.

But not yesterday. For whatever reason, Chloe was in a mood - dancing around, walking with her head way back looking at the ceiling, practically mowing over a lady with a walker, whining about "I want this" and "I want that". And then, I forgot my sling. I am practically worthless without a sling. I tried putting Cora in the front seat of the cart like normal parents do, but that lasted about long enough for me to get through the produce section. Chloe had a pear that she brought with her, so I bit a huge chunk off of it and gave it to Cora to chew on, which made her happy for a few more minutes, but people kept looking at me like I was a psycho for letting my baby chew on a pear. What the heck would they rather I feed her? Oh, right - processed baby food and sugary teething biscuits. Argh.

so anyhow, I trucked it through the store and picked up just enough to get me through dinner last night, and then we ended our shopping trip abruptly. I'll be going again here in a few hours to get everything else. I sure hope it goes better.


I have so much to do to get ready to leave for Disney! My list of things to do today: make hotel reservations, print out maps, clean my car so it can be sold, get a kbb value on it, and clean out the fridge. We'll see how much I get done.


One last quick vent: I am going to have to put my baby in disposable diapers for our trip to California. Ugh! I'm so horrified and saddened by the thought. I don't see anything wrong with packing along all of my diapers and washing one day while we're there, but my mother said she's not riding in a van for 12 hours with a pail full of dirty diapers in the back. I know that it makes more sense as far as convenience is concerned. But I don't like the idea of disposables. I want to always be able to say "My baby has never had a disposable diaper on her butt." I think cloth diapering is part of my mediocrity complex - I need to feel like I'm different from everyone else. Blech. anyhow, I'm truly torn over this issue, and am half tempted just to order an extra couple of dozen diapers and keep her in cloth the whole time. :-\

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Dani said...

If the attitude thing isn't MOST 5 year olds, than Chloe and Lilli are weird. Lilli acts like that too!