Sunday, March 30, 2008

A child at heart... but still a mom

I'm like a little kid. I'm so excited, I know I won't be able to sleep, and by the time I do finally fall asleep, it'll be time to get up. We're waking up at 1, and trying to be out of the house by 2. That's AM. Ouch. Hopefully Cora will sleep more of the time this way, since she is The Baby Who Hates The Car. And she's teething again, too.

The van is mostly packed. Oh my goodness, talk about anal retentive. Everything MUST be in it's proper place. I'm going to go postal the first time someone leaves a coloring book on the floor of the van, or leaves a suitcase half-zipped or toppled in the back. Okay, it won't be that bad. But I was pretty irritable when Andrew was putting his stuff in and it was not in the place I had already assigned it in my mind. Oy, I need a glass of wine.

The bad part is, I know I'm forgetting something. I always do - doesn't everyone? I just have to hope it's nothing important. The last time we went to Kansas City, I forgot my engagement ring. I had been baking bread the day before, took it off to knead the dough, and left it sitting on the kitchen counter when we left. When we went to Ouray for our "honeymoon" (plus two kids) I forgot the Snappi. That's the little rubberband-y thingy that holds diapers on (kind of like diaper pins, but cooler and not as sharp!) Anyhow, I had a bunch of cloth diapers, and no Snappi. And no intention of buying disposables. We made do, but barely.

So after I get this little baby in bed, I'm gonna do another run-through and try to remember things we missed. Then I'll sweep the floors, take out all the trash, and knit for awhile, again contemplating what I may have forgotten. Hopefully after that, I'll be able to sleep!


Jan said...

Have a safe and fun trip. I love Disney!

I know what you're going through...I have to leave my house perfect or I'll dread the homecoming the entire trip.

Have fun and take tons of photos!!!


allykitty5 said...

I hope you have a great trip!! I can't wait to see pictures :)

Deb said...

I'm having "Julie" withdrawals... LOL. Hope you're having fun on vacation!