Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wanna go fishin'?

Yesterday was a Chloe kind of day. We did lots of Chloe stuff. I think my daughter is spoiled. :o)

We bought worms for her at Wal Mart - the fishing bait kind, but she doesn't care. She loves them tremendously. Every half hour or so, she brings them upstairs and plays with them. Afterall, if kittens need to be played with, worms must need that too, right? She's having fun with them though. We're gonna get a book about worms at the library today, and then run with it as long as she's interested - this is a good time to learn the phonics lessons 'or in worm' and 'ir in dirt', and she thinks worm math is fun (if you have two worms, and you add three more, how many worms do you have?)

After we put the nightcrawlers in their new home, we went outside and painted her playhouse. We had wanted to do it before we gave it to her at Christmastime, but it was too cold and paint needs 50 degrees or higher. So we let her pick out her own little paint card (cherry cream, it was called) and had it mixed. Then I set her to work with a roller on the inside while I worked on the outside. She did really great - she was covered in paint from head to toe, her shoes and clothes are ruined, but that's fine with me. It was worth it for the fun experience. She got a little sick of it after an hour or two, but that's not bad for a five year old, eh?

Andrew tilled my harden and beds Monday. I planted a dozen summer bulbs (dahlia and gladiolus) and trimmed back last year's mums. My spring bulbs are coming in much thicker than last year, I'm so glad! I'll probably get lettuce and spinch planted today, maybe a few other cold weather crops. In April I'll buy a handful of perennials to fill in the rest of my bed out front and we're doing a wildflower garden in the back where it used to be just dirt. Our yard will be so pretty this year! I hope I can give my daughters the same love for plants that I have - gardening is good for the soul.

Chubba already likes the outdoors - she's quite content just sitting on a blanket, watching everything, and tasting an occasional leaf.

Both of my girls are a little bit snotty the last couple days. We were supposed to go to Michael's yesterday for craft class but didn't because Chloe's nose was all yucky and she's been coughing. Today is story time at the library, but Cora's all stuffy and I'm sure Chloe is still too, so we might skip it, we'll see.

Hmm... what else to ramble about today? Oh yes! American Idol! Wow....

Did you all see David A totally forget his lyrics TWICE in one song? Yeah, that was sad. But not nearly as sad as Kristy Lee's attempt to turn 8 Days a Week into hillbilly country. That was just painful and humiliating to watch. Even the hubster (who is totally crushing on Kristy Lee) admitted that it was terrible. Syesha, Ramiele, David H... totally forgettable. Chikezie - oh my goodness! I don't know where that performance came from, but it was spectacular! He was my fave all night. Jason Castro was, as usual, splendid. According to the AOL AI poll, Castro is in first place. How cool is that? David Cook's was great too - I just adore him. Amanda did well, but really, she doesn't have much capability of variety - every song she sings will eventually sound the same. I like her, but she won't win this. Carly's good, but she's kind of boring these days. Who else is there....? Brooke! How could I forget Brooke? At first I thought she was some crazy hippie-ish nice girl with a decent but boring voice. Now? She's awesome. I dig her. She has the same simplicity and vulnerable quality to her voice that Castro does, making me like her. And Michael Johns - he's damn good, but he's also kind of boring. Michael and Carly seem to be about the same for me, which is disappointing. I would like to see a bit more personality out of them, but whatever, they aren't there to please me.

I'm going to hope that David H goes home, but I'm going to guess that Kristy Lee is a more likely possibility. Either way, they both deserve to go.

Alright, 'nuff rambling for now. I gotta take care of this snotty baby girl. :o)

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Deb said...

Yeah, I agree with most of your observations on American Idol... but I'm totally surprised that David H. went home before that c/w chick Kristy...

It's midnight, and I just finished watching this week's American Idol shows..

I still need to watch next weeks... lolol

Have a good Thursday! Ciao~