Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy Flippin' Spoiled.

Ohmigosh Ohmigosh Ohmigosh. I got my mini van. It is AWESOME. I've never driven anything so nice. I've never even imagined owning anything so nice.

Chrysler Town & Country, inferno red, gray leather interior - brand spankin' new. It's totally loaded - I don't think there's anything it doesn't have. Remote start, heated seats, climate control, two DVD players, 3 screens and wireless headsets, touch screen console with satellite radio, MP3 player, CD player, the ability to upload 20 gigs of music and/or pictures, GPS navigational system, stow & go seats, automatic flippin' EVERYTHING. It's going to take months just to figure out how to work it all.

I really can't believe it's ours. The nicest vehicle I've ever had was $5000 when I bought it. This is a FAR cry from that. My husband is so incredible. He works so hard so that we can have things like this, and I appreciate it so, so much. I'm so completely thankful that he is mine (for a lot more reasons than just him buying me a mini van!)

I really can't believe it! Ooooh I'm so dang excited. :o)

I'll take pictures just as soon as it's light enough outside to take them!

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Dani said...

Congrats! I can't wait to get a van. I'm trying to decide between the one you got and an Odyssey. Those are the two I've heard the best things about! :o)