Friday, August 10, 2007

Frustrations of a divorced mama

Oy vey, I am frustrated!

For the past some odd weeks, every time Chloe comes back from her dad's house with these spots on her that are pretty obviously bug bites of some kind. We've ruled out mosquitoes and fleas, but still aren't sure what they are. On the weeks that I have her for 5 days in a row, they all start to fade and nearly go away, but as soon as she goes back over there they show up again. Today they are all over her face and arms, and she looks like she has chicken pox or something! I hate to even take her anywhere for fear people will think she's contagious. I wish he'd do something about it - call an exterminator and have them spray maybe? But he just says they cleaned and didn't see anything, there's nothing else they can do. I wonder if his house isn't maybe infested with bed bugs or something. I could understand maybe an occasional mosquito bite or something - she even gets those from our house - but to have several of these spots every time she comes home is just getting plain ridiculous. I hate sending her over there because she's getting eaten alive.

Today in general she's having a hard time. She came home from his house a little after noon and my friend Jessica was here with her daughter Alyssa and also Sophia. Chloe and Alyssa usually play so beautifully today, but Chloe just kept having little melt downs the whole time. Alyssa put her tea set away in the wrong place - she came running out crying. Alyssa wanted to be the dad instead of the baby while they played house - she came running out crying. She bumped her head on something, it didn't appear to be that bad, but she held her breath till she passed out, something she hasn't done in nearly a year. Every little thing is just really setting her off. After her friend left I laid down with her hoping some snuggle time with mama would lead to a nap (it almost always does.) After 45 minutes of laying there, she still didn't fall asleep so I let her get up. She's still overly sensitive though - she just asked to take her markers downstairs (something she hasn't been allowed to do for awhile now) and I said no, so she's throwing yet another fit. She's so full of anger and unhappiness right now, and just is not being herself on so many levels.

Her dad did find that his girlfriend will be having a baby boy (not till January sometime), and Chloe was disappointed because she wanted it to be a girl. Not sure if that could have something to do with it. I asked about it a little but she didn't want to talk about it, just said she didn't want a boy. I hope we have a girl for her sake, she wants a girl so, so bad. Two boys would just break her little heart. I asked if anything else happened at dad's house, but she just said "everything" and threw herself at me crying. I asked her "like what?" but again she didnt' want to talk about it. She's always a little off when she comes home from there, but today is just way different.

I wish I knew what was so wrong with my little girl :-(

In other news, I had my 40 week midwife appointment this morning. Everything still looks great, my uterus has grown to 40 cm, which is right on. He estimated approximately an 8 lb baby, but that's just a guess, he could be pretty far off. I may have lost part of my mucous plug this morning, but I'm not completely sure. Tested for amniotic fluid leaking and there isn't any. We're right there - everything is ready, my body is ready, the baby is big enough, it just needs to come out already! I'll have Andrew take some belly pics this afternoon so I can show y'all how huge I am. LOL


Apryl said...

I am so sorry about your Chloe. Be persistent about finding out what's going on when she's at her dad's. Like, ask her again, when the 2 of you are playing something kind of quiet, what types of things she does at dad's house. Sometimes it's easier for a little one to talk about what's bothering them when they are a little distracted, and if they're asked in a different way.

Julie said...

Thanks :-) I think it's mostly just a lot of emotions revolving around the new baby, and especially now that they know it's a boy. I don't think there's anything to be truly concerned about, and I think I'd know if there was.

Apryl said...

I'm sure there isn't anything to be concerned about. She's probably just feeling emotional because of the baby, like you said. But she may be feeling left out, or that she isn't getting enough attention there. I know you have worked really hard to make sure she feels included, but some parents who are going to have another baby soon forget to do that. Then the older child is sometimes left feeling down.

No Name Please said...

Hi there,

What do your daughter's bites look like? Bed bugs typically bite in a pattern of 3-6 in a row or close together. They also tend to feed in groups, which means she would be less likely to have biutes in more than one area per night.

be aware that she could easily bring one of these home and infest your house. Theyre VERY difficult and expensive to get rid of. I would advise you to do some research about bedbugs. Good luck. I hope she's okay.

Here's a picture of what my bed bug bites look like.