Saturday, August 18, 2007

Some pictures

Some pictures of the girls. Can you tell how Chloe is just glowing? :o)

This is a pic of my belly cast, which I realized I never posted. It was actually done at 36 weeks since we didn't know how much longer I'd carry her!

And here's a pic of her inside it :o) I can't believe she actually fit in there!


jill said...

That is so cool!

I can remember when E was a few days old, wondering just how her 10 pound body fit in there and still moved with such ease. Now the thought makes me go "ouch". lol.

Cora's a doll and Chloe's an adorable big sis. Kiss 'em both for me.

Ginger Wiggins said...

Ah what a proud sister. They look too cute together! You are a lucky mama!