Saturday, August 11, 2007

My mama loves me.

So my mom called first thing this morning while I was having my daily cup of half-caf coffee and enjoying some quiet computer time. My phone was in my bedroom on vibrate. She called twice, and I didn't answer either time. I did call her right back the second time, and she said "Where were you??" She sounded kind of upset. I explained, but she lectured me about keeping my phone on me so I'll hear it ring. She was convinced I was passed out and couldn't answer it, or had gone to the hopsital and had it turned off. She was getting ready to call Andrew but was afraid to worry him too. She determined instead to come over to my house to check on me. It's a good thing I answered when I did! Silly mama. :-) And ya know what? It feels so good to know she loves me enough to worry like that. I worry about her like that sometimes too. But all is better now, I reassured her that I'm fine and the baby is fine and we are all still alive and well. LOL

So I've spent the whole morning cleaning and letting Chloe watch Sprout on TV while she colors. I've gotten two loads of laundry washed and dried and folded, cleaned and dusted and vaccuumed the master bedroom, scrubbed the bathroom, even did the floors on my hands and knees, and got it all pretty and clean. Then I cleaned up the kitchen, swept and mopped that floor, and mopped the hallway for good measure. I've got another load of laundry to fold as soon as the floor dries so i can go get it. Then I'll do the living room and Chloe's room. I'm all hot and sweaty, and my whole body hurts, but I feel good about myself. Mopping is hard work when you're this pregnant - all that squatting and kneeling and bending and standing makes for lots of thigh and leg cramps and a sore tummy!

Chloe and I need to go to the store to get some produce and a few other things. We'll probably go soon before it gets too hot. We didn't go to farmer's market this thursday, went to my cousin's gymkhana instead, so we have no good fresh produce in the house. Not good for a child who is addicted to fresh fruits and veggies! There's a farmer's market tonight out in Fruita, about 20 minutes from here. Might go see what they have. I want more fresh peaches.

Other than that, should be yet another quiet day at home. I thought about inviting some friends from down the street to come over to play, but I just don't think I have the patience for any extra kids in the house right now. Instead maybe we'll do some extra school worksheets (since she loves them so) and perhaps do some coloring and such. All those fun, no running required activities. :-) Or maybe we should go play some soccer. Perhaps that'd convince this baby to hurry up and come out!

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