Monday, August 13, 2007

They say I'm supposed to sleep...

Ha! There is no way I'm gonna fall asleep!

Contractions are about 8 minutes apart, have been since around 10 pm. I called my midwife, he called 'the girls' - his assistant and apprentice. It'll take them about two hours to get to his house, then another hour and a half for them to get here, but they won't come till I call. In the meantime, he says, make sure I get some sleep so I'm rested. Yeah right. I also called Andrew, his crew had just left for the day, but he's gonna turn around and come home. It takes a few hours to get the birth tub filled.

Funny, all day yesterday I was weepy and emotional and restless and frustrated. I was convinced by 9:00 last night that this baby was just never going to come out on his/her own and I'd be forced to go to the hospital. LOL I have a way of overreacting when impatience gets in the way.

Now I just have to hope it's not a false alarm! I'd feel awful silly calling all these people in the middle of the night and have it turn out to be nothing. LOL I don't think it is though.

Any 'quick labor' vibes you all want to send out would be great! I'm sure I'll be blogging more as the day progresses just to keep myself occupied.


Kim said...

Happy Labor Vibes to you Julie!! Good luck! Hopefully we'll see some pics later on today!

Tricia said...

my thoughts and prayers are with you for a wonderful labor and delivery and a happy and healthy baby. God Bless you and yours!