Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Still no baby.

I'm gonna whine real quick, and then I'll be done. :oP

My back hurts, my thighs hurt, my pubic bone is killing me. I can't walk without waddling now, and even then it hurts. My feet hurt from walking so much yesterday - I can't even make it up the stairs without moaning. And this baby does NOT want to come out! First I can't carry a baby long enough, now I can't seem to get it to come out. :::sigh:::

And (no offense to everyone) I am so sick of everyone asking me if there's a baby yet. I had 6 calls this morning before 10 am. After the 5th, I changed my phone's voice mail. "Hi, you've reached Julie. No, there's no baby yet and yes, everything is fine. We'll let you know when something happens." Is that rude? Yeah, probably. I know everyone is just excited for us, anxious to find out what it is, etc. But ever since last night, every little thing has set me to tears, and each call this morning did the same. I'm sick of crying and acting so pitiful, so I just decided I'm not answering my phone anymore. If someone needs something other than to know if there's a baby, they can leave a message and I'll call back.

I've spent most of the day alternating between sitting up to knit and laying down to read, with a bit of coloring and chloe's school work. Standing is just miserable at this point, and sitting is supposedly not conducive to bringing on contractions, so laying down seems to be the best position, but then I feel like a lazy bum for laying around all day. Poor Andrew - he's just not sure what to do with me. I'm all weepy and gay, and he knows he can't fix it. I know he's gotta feel helpless, and i feel bad for being crabby with him.

Alright. I'm done whining now. At least this baby is full term - much better than too early, even if it is making me crazy. Thanks to all for the kind comments and helpful suggestions. I appreciate your reading and caring, and I'm sorry if I come across as bitchy. :o)


Kim said...

Hah! I'd be bitchy too if I were you. There's only so much you can take and everyone has a breaking point. Good voicemail. Keeps everyone informed without you having to say the same thing over and over. Then, if you really want to talk to the person, you can call them back. Gotta love voicemail!

Susan S. said...

Hang in there kiddo. I know it's hard to do but that baby has to come out sooner or later. I've restrained myself from emailing you today because I figured you were tired of answering questions.

Tricia said...

I am so sorry!! you don't sound bitchy you sound like a mommy who is ready to have the baby in her arms and out of her. :o)~ go eat a nice big eggplant dinner... heehee