Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's Sunday.

This is Cora's spot. Her favorite place in all the house if she isn't nursing. My arm will work if it has to, but Daddy's arm is much better.

And Daddy's arm is going back to work with him tomorrow.

I'm nervous about doing it on my own! So far it's been easy, but he's been here to help make sure chores are done and the baby is cuddled and Chloe is played with and that I get to shower regularly. What am I gonna do?

I'm pretty much back to normal though, at least physically, so that helps. I'm starting to figure out Cora's little quirks, what she likes and doesn't. And Chloe really is a big help as far as running to get me things and stuff. And if things get too overwhelming, well... we'll just go to grandma's house for the day. :-)

Slowly but surely I'm relearning everything I need to, and getting used to having a baby again. And she's doing so great, growing big and strong, already trying to hold her head up and spending lots more time awake. And her cord fell off this morning, yay! I haven't told Chloe yet, she's still asleep, but she'll be so happy to hear that. LOL She's sleeping 8 hours or so at night, waking a time or two but going right back to sleep, so I'm well rested in the morning. Of course, it does help that she's sleeping with us...

I think we're heading to my parents' house this morning for breakfast, as per our usual Sunday tradition. We better really enjoy this last day of having Andrew here with us!


jill said...

You will do just fine alone while Andrew works. Cut yourself some slack for a while...the house doesn't have to be perfect, Chloe's hair can be just brushed and not fixed up. In other words, pick your battles. You will find your groove in time. ;o)

Jan said...

What are you going to do? The same thing other mothers do: drop about 75 points of your IQ, stop showering and sleeping, run the washer and dryer in your sleep and learn to nap while standing up, rocking from side to side.

Don't worry, though. It gets easier...I think...when the baby turns 20...i hope...