Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Note to self:

*Do not fall down stairs when you are 39 1/2 weeks pregnant. It hurts.

Arghh. I slipped on the way down the stairs yesterday morning carrying a full laundry basket. We have very steep carpeted basement stairs, and flip flops have little grip on carpet, and down I went, bouncing on my butt the last 3 or 4 stairs. I'm fine, really - the baby is okay, and I didn't break my leg or anything, but my tail bone and whole, err, 'bottom region' are just killin' me. It was hard enough to sit or lay down comfortably before, but now it just hurts! Oy, I need to be more careful.

We did go and sit in my parents' hot tub last night, which was WONDERFUL. I dont' know why I haven't used it more during this pregnancy, I just don't always remember that they have it. But boy, it takes all the pressure off my back and legs and feet and the water just supports all that extra belly weight. It's amazing. I'm so glad we have a birthing tub! I can already imagine the relief from that.

Some relatives came into town last night, my cousin Hoss and his wife and daughters from California - Nanny's son. Her other son Tracy is coming with his wife on Thursday. One of the daughters is here to ride in a gymkhana Thursday evening so all us Colorado folk can see her perform. :o) I'm looking forward to it, I'm just sad Chloe can't be there to watch her (Mark has her.) We may spend some time with them today, not sure yet. I figure we better see 'em while we can since there might be a baby coming while they're here.

Other than that, just story time today at the library, and some regular housecleaning and chores to do. I really need to bake some banana muffins from the extra-ripe bananas in there, and I think we'd all like some cookies so I might make some of those too. And I wanna run some more laundry through, though I don't have full loads. It occurred to me I better really keep up on that because I don't want anyone else doing my laundry after the baby comes. I hate letting anyone else wash my laundry. LOL

Anyhow, there's a sleepy girl who needs some snuggling laying on the floor next to me, I guess I'm gonna go get some lovin' from her before our day takes off. :o)

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