Friday, August 10, 2007

The Spotted Child - Update

We went to the doctor tonight. I hate doctors. Ugh.

He has no idea what the spots are, other than that they are definitely bites. They *could be scabies or bed bugs or mosquito bites, but none of those he said are terribly likely. So he told me to buy hydocortisone cream to put on them and to wash her sheets and bedding and maybe spray the house with a pesticide. Because, you know, chemicals fix everything. Argh.

So we still have no idea why she is spotted. He didn't seem terribly concerned, he didn't really bother to listen to me when I spoke, and he doesn't know what the problem is. Lovely. I feel kinda bad for Mark, he's pretty upset that this is coming from his house, and I know Felicia feels bad too. I just wish we could identify it so we could get rid of them! Hopefully come fall/winter with the cold weather, they'll go away.

And of course, while we were there, I got to explain to first the nurse, then the doctor, why we haven't had her to the doctor for almost three years. (Because she's healthy, and no, we don't vaccinate, thanks.) And the nurse was asking what I'm having (a baby?) and who my doctor is, blah blah. When I told her my midwife's name and she hadn't heard of him, I said "yeah, he's a homebirth midwife". So she decided to tell me some horror story about a homebirth baby who wasn't healthy. Hey, thanks! That is just what any mom needs to hear. So I just said "yes, there are horror stories about homebirths, but there are plenty more that happen at the hospital, so I'm not too worried." Hmphh.

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