Thursday, August 9, 2007

Inducing Exhaustion

I spent the morning running errands and shopping, hoping that walking would help bring on more contractions. All I did was exhaust myself!

Went to Kohl's looking for good deals on clothes for Chloe for next summer. All I got was one skirt and a tank top, and not even at that great of a price ($8.00 for both, but I prefer more like $1-2 each, which I often find there.) Then I went to Target and bought a car seat for the baby and a bathtub that fits into the sink. Funny, the car seat is one of the first and most important things most parents buy, since you can't bring a baby home from the hospital without one. But I haven't been in a rush to buy one at all - I wasn't even sure we'd have one before the baby came! After Target I went down to Main Street, purposely parked 4 blocks away from the toy store and walked all the way down there. I bought a Calico Critters family of dalmations to go with Chloe's doll house as a Christmas present. I saw a baby bedroom set that comes with twin baby animals, and was tempted to buy it as Chloe's 'big sister' present. I might still do that, we'll see. I think it'd be nice to give her a little something. After Main Street I went to Wal Mart, bought some groceries, a diaper pail, and a few other things.

And after all that, I now feel like I need a very long nap. I'm starving, I'm nauseous, my whole body hurts, especially "down there" since the baby keeps dropping more and more and my pelvis separates as well. I am definitely done walking for today. I walked about an hour and a half last night too when I went to the mall. Apparently this baby just isn't ready to come meet the world yet. My patience is waning!

Mark has Chloe today, until sometime after noon tomorrow. Part of me wants to be crafty all day and really enjoy the time I have, but a bigger part of me wants to take a nap first, so I think that's what I'll do, as soon as I get some food in this big ol' belly of mine!

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Apryl said...

If you haven't gone into labor by Sunday, and feel up to walking and want someone to walk with, give me a call. Gilbert is taking the boys to Denver to go to the zoo this weekend, and Micah works Sunday, so it would be a lot more fun for me to try to help you walk the baby loose, than sit home alone.