Friday, June 13, 2008

Farmer's Market

I was a busy mama yesterday! Got most of my morning chores done, including hanging laundry out on the line, which I hadn't done in awhile because I'm a slacker. Then the girls and I ran some errands - Hobby Lobby, the library, and Ashley's house to drop off fresh juice for the baby. After that we came home, had lunch, and then baked pumpkin bread to turn into breadsticks for the baby. I used this recipe and it really is delicious! After I bake the bread I just cut it into slices, then cut each slice into three strips, and lay them out on a cookie sheet and bake at 200 or so for about 4 hours. Turns them into hard, crunchy teething biscuits that Cora seems to love. Speaking of teething, I spent about two hours yesterday just holding her and rocking her and loving on her - her two top front teeth are coming in at the same time, and it hurts. She holds her hand to her mouth and just looks at me in a way that makes me feel utterly helpless.

I started sewing a dress for my fair project, but didn't get too far - I use a pattern, but altered it significantly to include a semi-yoke and made it two sizes bigger, hopefully to fit Chloe either this summer or next year. Then I packed up my little girls and set off to walk to Ashley's house and then down to farmer's market for the evening. It's a good walk - about two miles each way - but it felt good. It was so nice out. Farmer's Market was a blast with friends, Chloe had Tori to play with the whole time. She got her face painted like a cheetah, and then the balloon man made her a cheetah on a leash. That's kind of a breakthrough for Chloe - she's terrified of balloons. But she watched all the other kids getting cool balloons, and decided she'd try it. I was proud of her.

After we walked home I sat out on the front lawn and let the girls play while I relaxed in a chair and just enjoyed the evening. It was so peaceful.

My body hurts now- 4 miles on concrete is kind of rough! I hope I keep it up all summer - and I could also walk to the library, and walk to the shopping center nearby that I visit once a week or so. Farmer's Market is always on Thursdays, and that's normally a day Mark has Chloe in the evening. I'm hoping he'll let me have her a few more times, because she really had a great time last night. I know he'd never take her, and he definitely wouldn't get her together with her friend, so either I take her, or she doesn't get to go. I think Farmer's Market is far better than sitting in a dark apartment watching TV all night. :o\


Deb said...

Did you buy alot of produce at the Farmer's Market? How did you get it home if you were walking? When I go to the Farmer's Market, I load up on good stuff and I don't think I'm strong enough or have the endurance to be able to lug it all home... LOL.

Sounds like you had a wonderful Thursday. I'm amazed at you.... you are such a good mommy... Your kids are very lucky, indeed!

Dani said...

Isn't walking places great?! I've been walking with the girls everyday!! It's so nice to go out for a walk (girls in the wagon). I'm trying to do it to stay in shape so that I'm not as much of a mess at the end of my pregnancy as I was when I was pregnant with Delaney. I wasn't really out of shape, I was just always sore so I didn't feel like doing anything fun, kwim?

Julie said...

I did buy some stuff - not too much, as there's not a lot available yet. But I just have some market bags I made, and I tied them to the handle of my double jogging stroller. The stroller does all the work. :-) I sometimes take the wagon, and then I just pack stuff in with the girls. They don't seem to mind much.