Thursday, June 5, 2008

a few random bits

We finished reading Phantom of the Opera with Chloe last night, so we ordered pizza and then watched the movie. I'm so proud of Chloe for sitting through that whole book! The movie was NOTHING like the book. It barely even followed the story line. Chloe told Andrew "Your movie is a changed kind of movie. It's not like my book." It was a little gory in parts too, but we just fast forwarded through those. She liked it well enough though. Pretty neat, a five year old into Phantom of the Opera. :o)


I think my dog broke her tail. She's a lab - her tail is usually up, kind of curled up over her back, but it's not any more. It sort of hangs there, all crooked. I'm taking her to the vet first thing this morning to have him check it out. I hope it's not permanently damaged. She was so pretty when she'd pose there for us with her tail all curved pretty.


Nothing else interesting going on here, really. It's all gray and rainy still. A good excuse to stay home and clean this house. It's rather awful right now. Other than that, maybe we'll all just snuggle up and watch movies or something. :o)

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Deb said...

The Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite Broadway musicals... I've seen it probably 7 times... Love the moral of the story...