Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I know I said I wouldn't...

...but we all know I can't help myself when it comes to making stuff.

Remember this dress I made for Chloe? It was back in June of '06. She was three in this picture.

So I love John Deere fabric. Especially when little girls wear it. There's just something cute about that, isn't there?

So I made this li'l creeper for Cora yesterday. I went to Wal Mart and had to walk by the fabric section, which I'm incapable of doing without making a purchase. At least fabric at Wal Mart is cheap. :o) The pattern was a Simplicity from 1977, size 1. Super-simple pattern, no buttons, zippers, etc. Just a few strips of elastic. I wish I had more sizes of the pattern, I'd totally make them.

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Deb said...

WOW.... you won't believe this! Dyan's nursery was totally decked out in John Deere.... curtains, bedding, stuff on the walls, his toys...hats, it's all soooo adorable!

Nice job on the little onesie! I used to sew all of my girls clothes when they were little... I can totally relate...