Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh happy day

I thought since it's already early summer, I was done planting things in my garden until my fall crops of spinach, lettuce, radishes and peas. But hark! According to the organic gardening books I borrowed from the library, I can plant still plant a few things! Wheeee! I'm so glad. I'm so bored with my garden right now. Waiting for tomatoes to go from green to red is rather tedious. My garden is nearly weed free. I'm waiting for some grass clippings to dry in order to use them as mulch. I'm so bored that I'm already planning out next spring's plantings. That's pretty sad. But then I discovered I can easily still plant carrots, more beets and beans, swiss chard, and I can probably squeeze some lettuce and spinach in amongst the corn that doesn't already have beans growing around it, to shade them while they grow in the heat of the summer. I'm getting the girls up early tomorrow - we're heading to the nursery to look for seeds. I only hope that the seeds aren't all gone.

I'm seriously sort of obsessively in love with gardening. Because really, I need another hobby to keep me busy. Ha ha. Organic gardening is a lot more work in some respects, but appeals to me on a grand scale, and so here we are, planning all kinds of fun.

The best part is that this gardening thing really is setting me on my way to overcoming my entirely intense and entirely irrational fear of all bugs.


So I must tell you all about my very favorite shoes, because I believe everyone ought to own a pair.

They are called Gurkees:

Somewhere around five years ago (maybe more?) I bought a pair of the Neptunes at a little store on Main Street that has since closed. I thought they looked different and intriguing. And they do, but the best part is how darn comfortable they are. When I walk to Farmer's Market or the library, or anywhere else, I wear them. If I can walk four miles in them, they've gotta be good. The only downsides are that they have no grip (they're made entirely of rope) so you can't wear them on slick surfaces like skate park ramps or dance floors, or you will undoubtedly end up on your behind. (Which really is quite embarrassing. Take my word for it.) And if they get wet, they stay wet for a long time. Like, a day or two. Rope is very absorbant. That's not bad in the summer though, if you're really hot. I've worn them on mild hikes, long walks, around the house, in the garden... seriously, I'm in love with these shoes. And the really cool part? When your feet start getting tan from wearing them constantly outside, you get this really cool zig-zaggy sort of tan line on your feet that is fun to look at when you're barefoot. :o) Everywhere I go, people comment on what cool shoes I have.

My Gurkees have finally come to their end, I'm afraid. Back when Izzy was a pup, she chewed one of them pretty bad, so that the sole is sort of only half as thick as it's supposed to be, and slowly detaching itself from the rest of the shoe. I've probably walked hundreds of miles in them. They're all frayed and just look sort of pitiful. So I ordered a new pair today - this time I'm trying the Barbados style. When I first bought the pair I have, they didn't have any other choices besides Neptune, and the color options were natural, or black. Gurkees have apparently come a long way since I first discovered them.

Seriously, go and buy yourself a pair. You can thank me later. :o)

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Deb said...

Alrighty... I gotta google it, cause I'm quite sure I have no idea what you're talking about - with those shoes! I'm always looking for comfy shoes... So, I'll check it out!