Sunday, June 22, 2008

A whole buncha pictures

My mom's cat had kittens, did I mention that? There are 5 of them. There were 7, but two didn't make it. I'm in the love with the calico. Chloe's in love with the pure white one. I don't think my husband is going to agree to two more cats. The one we have is a pain in the rear end as it is!

After breakfast with my parents this morning we went to an "animal expo". They just had all kinds of animals, farm animals mostly, and did demonstrations and such. It was a good way to kill a couple of hours, and Chloe and Cora both seemed to like it.

Petting a snake:

Riding a camel with Grammy:

And painting a horse. Right. At first I thought it was sort of cruel, but the horse seemed rather content, and I suppose it won't really hurt it...

And some shots from outside today. Chloe plays in the wading pool every day. I love when you buy something and you actually feel like you got your money's worth. That pool was worth every penny of the $11 or whatever I spent on it!

This is Cora's "I'm going to take over the world!" face:

And since Deb asked, some pictures of my garden. I was going to post pictures before, but I realized they aren't really much fun to look at. Probably sort of like reading about my garden isn't all that much fun either. LOL But anyway, here are a few shots:

The corn that Chloe planted (minus the 4 or 5 stalks that were knocked down by Izzy and stupid birds.) You can see the pole bean plants up around some of the stalks if you look close. They're growing fast now.

Peppers and tomatoes: (notice the empty spot by the fence? That's the one the dog knocked down. It's still alive though, so I'm giving it a chance.)

Another shot of the peppers and tomatoes from a little further away. The peppers are all green bell peppers. The tomatoes are (from right to left) grape, roma, and big beef. The roma's aren't terribly happy. There are two tiny, just-planted basil starts in front of them.

There's a big empty space after that where I just harvested a bunch of beets that didn't actually make roots. It'll be the carrot bed when it gets a little cooler. Then there's this:

The dark rows are where I just planted swiss chard and bush beans. The short green plants are bush beans that are already growing, and behind that are the peas that are just about finished. (Only about 5 pea plants grew. They were last year's seeds that Chloe planted. Enough for entertaining a little girl though.) Behind that was the spinach/lettuce bed. Since those are done (too hot here anymore for them!) I had Andrew toss the grass clippings there. I'm slowly using that as mulch, but can't do too much at one time. In the fall, it'll be the spinach/lettuce bed again. Behind the grass clippings was the radish bed, but since those are done now, I planted dill, thyme, cilantro and chamomile, though you can't see them in this picture.

All in all, I have about a 40 ft. by 5 ft. space, divided into 10 smaller 'beds' with stepping stones between them. Not a whole lot, but enough to grow plenty if I would've used the space right!

And that's all. My little girl is getting into EVERYTHING - ahhhhh!!


Deb said...

Thank you very much! It looks wonderful, your garden... You are one very clever mommy. I say that there is NOTHIN' better tastin' than home grown tomatoes, whatever the size! Just like candy, I say!

Happy eating!!!

Meg said...

Awesome pictures! I hope when I'm a mommy that I'm as wonderful and creative as you. I want a garden but right now, it would just get neglected. Maybe when I'm a SAHM. :-)

Dyan said...

Christian LOVES his pool too!!! I will put some pictures on my blog! I too love those buys when you get every last red cent out of it!!!