Sunday, June 8, 2008

Finally found one

We finally found a geocache! Well, actually, we found two. We went for a hike yesterday, and I wrote down the coordinates for a few caches. We looked for them on the way back to town, and found them. Hooray! The first was a log-only cache, but the second has some little kiddie trade items, so Chloe got to trade and take along a prize. It was cute. I'm not sure how far we hiked yesterday - a good 3 hours' worth of walking though, in all. My behind is sore from all the uphill climbing!


It's Sunday. Almost always, we go to my parents' house for breakfast, but today my mother has a life, and is not cooking for us. She's out riding her pony & cart with a bunch of other ladies from a riding club she joined, how cool is that? So we ended up sleeping til almost 8. Wow. I can't remember the last time I stayed in bed so late! Some people love to sleep in. I'm definitely not like that. I get all anxious if I sleep past 6 most of the time. But whatever, I feel good for having gotten so much sleep.

I think we're sticking around home today, we have lots to get done around the house. And at 6 we are going to the in-law's house. Blah. Thankfully though, we can't stay too long since Andrew has to be up early for work, and needs his sleep.

'Tis all for now...


Deb said...

Yayyyyyyyyyy!!! You found a geocache??? How fun!!! I'm so excited for you, and especially for Chloe! Woo hoo!


Meg said...

A couple of my friends do that geocaching a lot. It sounds like lots of fun!