Monday, June 30, 2008

A happy discovery

My first red tomato!

One little grape tomato. LOL But it's the promise of great things to come.

The bush beans are starting to flower.

The peas are still trying to produce. It almost looks like they might survive the summer and give me a fall crop.

Chloe's corn is getting tassels now too, which means it may flower soon.

Miss Cora came to visit me at the fence while I was weeding last night.

So I had her pose with the tomatoes to show how big they are. The grape tomato plants are about as high as my shoulder now, and the others aren't too far behind.

And my first dahlia bloom. Isn't it gorgeous? this is the first time I've planted dahlias from bulbs (corms, actually) and they are so much bigger than the ones grown from seed at the nursery!

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allykitty5 said...

THAT is a beautiful flower!