Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ha ha ha "perfect"?

Dyan said I sound "like the perfect wife and mother". LOL That's because this is my blog and I can omit whatever I want. I'm really not so great. I promise. ;o) I yell sometimes, when I'm frustrated. I get frustrated too easily. I cuss sometimes if I'm REALLY frustrated (not at my children, ever.) I can out-cuss a sailor without blinking an eye, if I really want to. I don't iron, and commonly cram clothes into closets so that, if they weren't wrinkled to begin with, they will by the time they've sat in there for a week. I don't play imagination games well, even though I've always intended to be the kind of mother that does. I leave piles of stuff by the basement stairs because the basement scares me and I don't want to take things down there.

There really are a million things wrong with me. I just always try a little bit harder to be better. My biggest thing is my patience. It takes a lot of patience to deal with a five year old. Especially one with the snotty attitude that mine has developed. My patience eludes me at inopportune times, and I snap at her, or yell, or am otherwise short-tempered when I should really be able to maintain composure better.

But hey, none of us are perfect, right?


We went to farmer's market again. I bought tomatoes, beets, and asagio bread (whole wheat, relatively healthy as far as bread is concerned.) I like just seeing what they have, so I can plan on buying other stuff the next time I go back. I've never made beets, except juiced with carrots. I want to try grilling them. I know cooking veggies is bad, but it sounds yummy, so I'll try it. I love cooking, when I get a chance to do it.

We watched some belly dancers while we were down there. Chloe was enthralled. Cora was too, actually. I just don't understand why belly dancers are always old and wrinkled and sagging and fat. That was mean. I don't mean it in a mean way. I understand that our bodies aren't what they used to be once we get older. I just don't think we should flaunt it by wearing skimpy bikini tops and skirts with bellies flopping around for the world to see. I certainly wouldn't wear anything of the sort! Anyhow, the belly dancing resulted in Chloe coming home, developing a costume, and dancing around the living room for an hour before bedtime. It was cute. :o)

My inner thighs hurt like heck from the 4 mile walk. I'm considering it a good thing, though when I'm unable to haul a basket of wet laundry up the stairs tomorrow, I may change my feelings on that.


I made a dpn (double pointed needle) holder today using up the leftovers from the fabric for Cora's outfit.

I was sick of all of my dpn's floating around in a little zippy bag with a broken zipper. I've seen a bunch of cute ones just like this for $22 or more. So for around $1, I have my own. :o) It's lined with fleece (the solid pink) to give it a bit more stability. I'm really happy with it. It was about a 20 minute project, which I did while sharing my chair with Chloe while she played her Reader Rabbit game.

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Deb said...

That video was adorable! Chloe has such long hair! And her costume was wonderful.

I agree with Dyan... I think that you ARE a perfect mommy... I wish I was more like you! :-)