Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy First Day of Summer!

Can you believe it's already summer? My goodness, time sure is flying by. I spent most of the day out in the garden. I dragged the girls out of bed early and we were at the nursery by 8:10. I bought swiss chard 'bright lights' and some more bush variety snap beans. I also invested in a bag of compost, two basil starts and a packet of spinach for sowing in August, plus a container of liquid kelp extract for use as an organic foliar fertilizing spray.

I planted all the seeds with a mix of compost to see if they'll sprout a little better this time. I side-dressed the cukes, corn, pole and bush beans, peppers and tomatoes. I sprayed everything with kelp, used some grass clippings to mulch the cukes and bush beans, plus pulled a few handfuls of stray weeds I'd missed.

And, as much as i wish I could say I have patience, I don't; so I started planning next spring's planting. LOL I know I should save that for winter when I'm desperate to do something garden related, but i couldn't help it. I have a tiny little garden space, really, but if I interplant and catch crop, plus sow successionally, I should be able to grow every single thing I want to.

I'm so obsessed with gardening. I wish I would've started learning and reading BEFORE I planted this spring's crops - they'd be doing so much better than they are, and I could've gotten so much more planted in my limited space. But alas, it's all a learning experience, right? I'm having fun anyway. :o)


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Deb said...

Okay, Julie.... let's see some pictures of this garden, eh???