Thursday, June 12, 2008

She's lucky I love her.

She's lucky I love her so much. She trampled my garden. She just jumped right in, stepped on a little bit of everything I have planted, and jumped right out, all while I wasn't watching. If I didn't love her so much, I'd probably give her away. I love my garden, and I'm so, so frustrated with her!

I swear, if she sets one more paw in my garden, I'm staking her on a rope in the yard so she can't get anywhere near it again, until I can build a fence. Ugh! Corn, radishes, cucumbers, a bell pepper plant, green onions, beans, beets... She tromped all over them. There are still some living, but not nearly as many as what I started with.

And so, the dog and I are not speaking for awhile. She seems to understand - I keep glaring at her and turning my shoulder to her, and she keeps walking by me moping.


The girls let me spend an hour and a half gardening yesterday. I gave Cora two empty vitamin bottles with a few beads inside each, taped shut, and a toy bucket, and put her on a big blanket on the grass. She didn't fuss or whine or ask for any attention at all. And Chloe entertained herself by trying to suspend herself on the bar of the swingset with an old dog leash. It was quiet and peaceful. I mulched my peppers and tomatoes, weeded a huge area, put down diatomaceous earth in the whole garden. I was only bothered by one wasp, even though it was mid-afternoon. I never get any amount of peace and quiet, especially not more than an hour! It was wonderful. I want to do it again today, only I'm running out of weeds and things to do out there. I need a bigger garden. :::sigh::: I'm gonna plant some basil today, for spaghetti sauce and pesto this summer. And I need to get some kelp spray for my tomatoes. I so love my garden.


Cora learned some new tricks - she does 'pat-a-cake' now, and blows. It's so cute to see her do them. I'm trying to get her to do the sign for mama, but she just smiles, says "Dah!" and claps.


Katey said...

our dogs did the same stinking thing....fortunately I had just planted it....the flower bed is another story :( they are now tied up on 100 foot runs

Deb said...

I love gardening..... it is so peaceful. It's my time to talk to God... and I love it.

So sorry to hear about your puppy dog destroying much of your work. Hope alot of it survived in spite of her handiwork...