Thursday, February 28, 2008

and... the AI results

This is the last one today, I promise!

Did I not totally call the girls? Ha! I'm cool. :o) I was happy with those results. But what's with David A. and Alexandrea? He was totally bawling, and they were hanging all over each other while Robbie sang. Wierd.

As for the guys, I'm glad Mr. Blonde Tuft guy went home, but Robbie, I'm disappointed with that. He was SO much better than Luke. I think though that teenage girls with their cell phones are very powerful in this competition, and Luke looks like the guy from Dawson's Creek, so he's probably got a fair chance, unfortunately.

Do y'all read the BuddyTV commentary about AI? I read it after each show. It's often hilarious, and he usually says everything I think, only he has way more writing talent than I could ever hope to possess.

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