Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hubby's home!

With two little girls, it can be quite difficult to actually do that thing adults do when they find themselves scantily clad together in bed at night. There's always a hungry baby or a bad dream to interrupt, or never let it start to begin with. (How do those people who have 15 kids find time to actual create those babies? They are my heroes.)

But nevermind the kids - the animals add a whole new dimension to it! When Isabel was a puppy, she had a thing for bras. As soon as my bra went flying to the floor, she was shredding it to pieces. We soon learned to make sure my bra ended up on top of the tall dresser so she couldn't get to it. Now, it's the cat. Any time he sees something move under the blankets, he pounces. There's something quite distracting about having a kitten attacking your toes while you're in the throes of passion. Isabel is very polite - when she realizes what we're doing, she usually excuses herself to the couch so we can have our privacy. Milo? He thinks to himself, "Wee! it must be play time!" and dives on in.

And once again, he found himself locked in the computer room.


My man is home. I'm so glad. What I'm not so glad about is the fact that he's already on his way to work after having been gone for a week. He only has to work a couple of relatively short days today and tomorrow though, and then he's off for another week. Maybe I'll be really nice and try to get him to help paint my kitchen cabinets. I'd offer to give him some lovin' in return for manual labor, but based on the above paragraph, I'm sure we all know the likelihood of that actually happening.

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