Saturday, February 16, 2008

The cat did it... or did he?

Isabel has turned into a fairly trustworthy dog. We leave her with free reign of the house when we go places, sometimes for as much as 6-8 hours. She hasn't chewed anything up in a long time - hasn't gotten into anything really, except an occasional tissue that's left lying around. She can't control herself around toilet paper, it's just too tempting.

Lately though, she's not been so good. One morning I found her walking around with a turkey beard hanging out of her mouth. Yes, a turkey beard. The one from Andrew's spring turkey last year that was (he says) sitting on his desk. And there was Cora's little baby shoe. We bought her cute little Robeez-style shoes at Target. That afternoon, one went missing. When we found the shoe in question, it looked like this:

So Andrew's decided that it's all the cat's fault. The cat must have dragged the turkey beard off his desk and handed it to Isabel to chew on. The cat must have teased the dog with the baby shoe, causing her to destroy it.

It sounds a little far fetched, but I almost wouldn't put it past him. The little goober torments that poor dog day in and day out. The last couple of nights Andrew's been in bed early and the cat has been instigating a game of chase that involves our 100-lb moose running up and down the stairs at top speed. It more resembles a herd of elephants traipsing through the house. And if it weren't for that cat, Izzy would be lying down sleeping like a good dog.

I tell ya, that cat's an evil little thing sometimes! But would he have you know that? Absolutely not. Look, isn't he so sweet and innocent?

Here's a picture of the beloved puppy with her littlest girl. I love this picture. I wish you all could see how good she is with Cora. She totally loves the baby... and loves Chloe too. We have the best little puppy in the whole world.

Not sure if I've shared this picture or not - here are the two fur balls sharing Izzy's dinner. Funny, the cat prefers the dog's food, and the dog prefers the cat's food. Maybe we should switch.

I suppose that's all for today! I'll try to come up with sometime interesting to say tomorrow. :-P

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allykitty5 said...

I love those shoes from Target, don't you? Andrew had 3 pair, all different sizes, and they were wonderful when he wasn't walking yet, but we wanted to keep his feet warm.