Monday, February 11, 2008

Wii Fun... and other pics

Sundays are always spent at my parents' house. We go for breakfast, and end up staying through lunch too sometimes. Yesterday my dad took off to Best Buy first thing in the morning to buy a Wii for my uncle for his birthday. Except that he walked in the door with two of them. :o) He told my mom it was her Valentine's present. We all thought that was a little silly, but she ended up having quite a lot of fun with it. She especially likes the bowling game.

And here's my husband, boxing:

I'm not usually *that big on video games, but this thing is pretty neat! I rather liked golf and tennis. We need more games. It was an awesome way to spend a day with my family though.


A couple pics from when we went sledding earlier in the week: (it's very hard to take good sledding pictures.)

Cora has about as much use for snow as I do. It's fun for about ten minutes, and then we would much rather sit in a comfortable, warm place and have a snack. LOL She did think it was pretty neat at first though.

The tape measure again. If the cat doesn't have it, either Chloe's using it to tie something up, or the baby is eating it. I think everyone in this house needs their own tape measure.


We had a great week off. Now it's back to the grindstone. I have a million things to do today to try and get caught up, starting with washing diapers and grocery shopping. Chloe will be back from her dad's in a couple of hours probably, so I guess I better get off this thing and start moving!

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