Monday, February 11, 2008

My mother, the hostile combatant

I'm kind of frustrated with my mom. :o\ And I think she's kind of frustrated with me.

My dad's PSA count was up last time. He fought prostate cancer 5 years ago and has since been cancer free, but the PSA going up isn't a good sign. My mom now has diverticulitis and was having some pretty bad stomach pains there for awhile.

After learning so much about eating healthy, I've come believe that they could probably have a huge impact on their own health if they'd just change their diet a little bit. Okay, more than a little bit. My dad sounds like he's all for it, but my mom, when you bring up the subject, becomes mildly combative and hostile. "I'm not going to start eating vegetarian" she says. "I know all kinds of people that eat healthy and they die of cancer anyway." I wish I could tell her everything I've learned, convince her to eat a few less steaks and cookies, and add more salads. But it won't happen, and she gets kind of mad at me whenever I bring it up.

After hearing about my dad's PSA count, I decided that if someone's going to help get him healthier, it'll have to be me. So Chloe and I juiced a pound of carrots today, put the juice in a mason jar, and walked down to his work to deliver it. He called a bit later to thank me, and said it was good. We'll be going down again tomorrow morning with another dose of carrot juice for him. I figure it can't hurt, at least.

All I want is for them to eat healthier so they live longer lives with fewer health problems. But I guess she doesn't care that much. :o\


Dani said...

You should post more about how you're eating healthier! I want to get Mark to eat healthier and I told him that as soon as I can, I'm going to buy more organic stuff, and less junk, but he didn't like that idea. I'm trying to find ways to sneak it in. Like a couple of weeks ago I made a meatloaf...instead of ground beef, I used ground chicken and I grated carrots, green peppers and onions in it. It was the best meatloaf ever.

Anyway, gimme some ideas!

Anonymous said...

I can so relate to this. My mom is a diabetic, with not very good control. She is on an insulin pump. She thinks as long as she doesn't eat sugar, she is doing okay. I can't get her to understand about simple carbs and all the bagels and waffles and "diet" cookies she eats. She also eats tons of stuff deep fried. But she thinks as long as she is on her cholesterol meds and insulin, it doesn't matter. So frustrating!!!
Good luck with your mom!

Jo (from PP Board, in case you don't know me,lol)