Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday was a good day.

I slept in a little late this morning - it was almost 7 before I got out of bed! I'd have slept longer, except Chloe woke up, looked around, announced "Mom! It's morning." loud enough to wake both Cora and me, and then promptly fell back asleep. Thanks, kid. I hadn't realized it was morning yet. :oP


First, the Izzy update. We have good news. The spots have now spread to her paws. What that means is that it nearly can't be cancer. I took her in again yesterday, he gave her some antibiotics and sent us home to wait for him to call after he talked to the pathologist. The pathologist says he doesn't think it's cancer - there were a few hystiocyte cells (the benign skin cancer) but not enough for him to think it was actually the cancer. There were not mast cells, which was what we were really afraid of. So now - we have no idea really what could be going on. They're thinking some sort of rare bacterial skin infection that is spreading rapidly because of some sort of autoimmune problem. They did a culture of the sore on her head and will test it to see if it's particularly sensitive to any certain antibiotics, and might change what she's on. and then we just hope she gets better. :-\

A note about feeding a dog an antibiotic pill: it's not easy. I put it in a piece of roasted chicken breast. She devoured the chicken, and promptly spit out the pill. I cut a slit in a piece of cheese, hid the sucker in the cheese. She ate the cheese, and spit out the pill. I pried her jaw open, shoved the pill inside, and held her mouth closed till I was sure she had swallowed it. I walked away to get her a milkbone. When I came back, the pill was on the floor. I put the pill into a bowl with some dog food. She ate every last piece of food - and left the pill.

I tell ya, I tried like 5 times. Finally I tried the shoving it down her throat thing again, and it worked.


Yesterday was SO nice out. I was actually wearing a tank top when we walked to the park. I'd had every intention of jogging around the park with Cora in the stroller while Chloe played, but then discovered Cora things the stroller is some kind of medieval torture device and screams bloody murder as soon as I set her down in it. So we just sprinted to the park, and called it good. LOL Chloe had a great time playing with another little five year old girl, running around and rolling down hills. When we came home, I sat Cora on a blanket outside and played with Chloe in her playhouse. She's so darn excited to paint the silly thing pink. Blech. Cora and I played fetch with Izzy, for which Izzy was rewarded fits of giggles every time she brought the ball back. It was just so beautiful out! I can't wait for spring. I kept eyeballing the garden, kind of desperate to dig my hands in, except that it's more of a mud pit right now than a garden.


Today is Tuesday - Michael's craft day. We'll go do the craft class, do a little shopping in the area, and then stay home for the rest of the day. Hopefully it's as nice out today as it was yesterday, if it is we'll have a great time!


Dani said...

The only thing that works for my mom (Sadie has to take a pill everyday for the rest of her life) is to squish cream cheese or peanut butter all over the pill. Sadie eats it right up. LOL

I'm glad they think it's not cancer!

Deb said...

I"m so glad that your Izzy will be okay...

Have you tried crushing up the pill and putting in his dogfood? That's what I have to do with my hyperthyroid, HIV+ cat!!! LOL She is so hungry all the time, she doesn't care if there is a "pill" taste in it!