Wednesday, February 27, 2008


"Awww, Mexican cats are so cute Mom."

(The next door neighbors are Mexican. Apparently their cats are too.)


I was wiping down all the doors in the hallway. The basement door in particular has lots of dirty fingerprints about 3 feet up. Chloe was helping me clean.

"Geez, what dirty little kid was going into our basement?"

She was serious.


Spelling with a kindergartener

Thank you = than q

Cavity = cab d (she says b instead of v)


So, my sweet little girl is turning into a liar. Please, please tell me this is just a phase. She's lied a couple of times to try to get herself out of trouble, and a couple times just for the sake of lying, I swear!

She came to me and said "I can't find the lid to my marker." I asked her to please make sure Cora didn't have it. (I was on the toilet or I'd have looked myself. LOL) She came back and said "I found it!" When I asked if Cora had it she said "No, it was under Milo." She handed me the lid. It was covered in a clear, slimy substance - better known in our house as Baby Slobber. I told her I could tell Cora had it, why did she lie to me? Anyhow, I just gave her a time out.

The other one was the other night when she was playing with some of those shiny craft marbles. I told her not to get them all over, she did, so she got them taken away. Later that night, she goes "Oh! There's a..." and then she just grabbed it and walked to toward her room. I said "Chloe, please bring me the marble you just found". About that time you could hear the 'plink' as she set it on her shelf in her room. Then she came out and said "I didn't find anything, Mom."

Another time out.

My goal with time outs is to make her realize that lying is wrong. She's obviously experimenting to see what she gets away with. I just hope I always catch her in her lies to prove to her she won't ever get away with them! I'm pretty certain she understands now that it's not okay to lie. I just don't know the proper way to discipline this!

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Dani said...

Lilli lies once in a while too, only she's a really crappy liar (like me) and always smiles when she's not telling the truth. LOL