Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday ramblings

Andrew's back to work again, so it's another start to two weeks of him being gone alot. Poor guy - he didn't feel real good for this whole week off (which was actually a short week off) and I was kind of crabby... I don't think it was the best break. It just kind of felt 'off'. And his next week off we're going to Kansas City, which really is quite a lot of work too. Ah well, come hunting season he'll get plenty of quiet time away from us! :-P


I made a couple pairs of pajama pants for Chloe yesterday. Isn't that rainbowy one the most gaudy thing you've ever seen? LOL Bubblegum pink and rainbows - her perfect combination. Actually, it looks like something Dani would like too. :-P I almost finished the skirt she picked out, and then I have a dress to make. I look forward to having these finished. I've sort of challenged myself not to buy any fabric, scrapbook supplies, or yarn for a month. In all honesty, I could probably go a year. LOL I have so much stuff. I'm trying to clean out and organize the craft/computer/play room though, and I'm realizing that I might actually have TOO much stuff. I should take pictures. You would all laugh at me.


I think we're staying home all day today. I hope we're staying home all day. I have a lot to get done. My floors are filthy and need some serious attention from a mop. (I try. I honestly do. But with a big dog and lots of rain, you just can't avoid dirty floors sometimes.) I'd like to get more done on the craft room, get a bunch of stuff put away in here so it doesn't look so awful. I need to organize a bit of Chloe's school stuff, and make some plans as to what we're gonna learn from here - we've got a good track laid for math and reading, but I need to pick out some good social studies and science subjects to work on.


Cora has reached that stage where she doesn't fall asleep easily unless I'm snuggling with her, and doesn't stay asleep for long unless she's in my bed next to me. It makes it hard to get much done at night or early in the morning. Chloe went through the same phase. Sadly, she still hasn't really left it....


Wow, today isn't looking good so far. I just got up to refill my coffee, dropped my cup on the floor, cut my finger while picking up the pieces, and I'm still bleeding. How's that for the start of a day?Maybe I should just go back to bed!

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Dani said...

I like the rainbows better than the cats. The cats are too busy for me. :o)~