Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Oh man, I need a break. I'm just feeling so drained right now. :-\ I could really use just a couple of hours of time by myself to do some 'me' stuff. It occurred to me that I haven't left the house by myself for at at least a couple weeks now. Sometimes a mama needs that, I think, just to regroup.

Cora cut her first tooth on Sunday. I'm happy for her, it's really exciting, but that always makes for a rough few days. And I'm just not ready to think about her being that grown up yet!

Yesterday it seemed like every time I sat down to do anything that I wanted to do - scrapbooking, knitting, or whatever - I was interrupted after about 5 minutes. I kept setting my knitting down mid-row, or stopping after I put a picture on a piece of paper. I never did get much accomplished as far as any of that goes.

I was hoping today would go a little better, but so far it's not looking too good. I always get up around 6 or 6:30, have my coffee, and spend an hour or two in the quiet house getting a start on the day while the kids sleep. I was up at 6:05 this morning, and by 6:22 both kids were whining and the dog and the cat were bugging me for breakfast.

I think I'll go back to bed.


Isabel is a very smart dog. She sits, lies down, shakes, and gets down when we tell her to (unless she doesn't feel like it, then she argues with you.) But she has never been very good at the "come" command. She knows perfectly well what it means, and what she is supposed to do, she just doesn't want us to know that, so she never does it.

All of that has changed since Milo came along. All you have to do is open the door and yell "Milo! here kitty kitty!" and she comes tearing inside without a moment's hesitation.

Last night, Chloe wanted Izzy to sleep with her, but the dog was downstairs watching TV. Chloe kept calling "Izzy! IZZY!!!" to no avail. Then I heard her yell "Milo! Kitty kitty kitty!" and that dog was on Chloe's bed within seconds.


I'd like to point out that during the writing of this blog, I have gotten up 6 times. Point illustrated.

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Dani said...

It is crazy how hard it is to sit down and concentrate on anything when you have more than one kid (and/or pets)! It was a lot easier for me to get something done when it was just Lilli and I, but once Delaney came along, forget it.

Congrats on Cora's tooth!! Delaney is still toothless. :o)