Wednesday, January 30, 2008

24 hours' worth of antibiotics and it's like we've adopted an entirely new kitten - one with a sense of smell! It must be like a whole new world to him - he's wandering all around the house, sniffing here and there and exploring like he never has.

He apparently hasn't yet figured out that the scent of dog generally means a huge ball of black fur will come ferociously tearing after him at any given moment. Or he doesn't care. Or maybe he thinks it's a sign of love. Heck, maybe it is.

This tail thing also has him pretty confused. His own tail seems especially bothersome, always getting in the way when he turns in circles to lie down, and teasing him mercilessly with it's endless twitching. But, the gigantic blob of black fur also has a tail! What fun! And he has yet to figure out that the reason he gets smacked in the head every time he chomps down on said tail is because it is, in fact, attached to his 100 pound housemate and she doesn't much care to have it bitten.

Dogs are definitely smarter than cats.

Chasing that pesky tail:

Diaper wrestling - it's a new sport!

This is what it looked like the other night when I was ready to go to bed:

Izzy loves her baby. Cora is actually asleep in this picture.


So Chloe was at Mark's house last night. American Idol wasn't on because our TV station had the nerve to catch fire and burn to the ground (how DARE it? Hmphh.) I lost my cable needle and so cannot knit. The lights are out in the craft room so I can't scrapbook. I can't recall ever having been so bored.

So what did I do? I diaper shopped. :-D I bought some absolutely adorable diaper covers for my ever-growing baby. And then I watched 10 Things I Hate About You and mourned the loss of beloved hottie, Heath Ledger. :::sob:::


Our poor dog. She's just trying to lie down and be a good dog, and that silly cat keeps crouching down and then springing high into the air, landing on her tail.


Today is Thursday, my 'me' day. I need to get the grocery shopping done first thing, and dry and fold diapers. I'd like to organize my scrapbooking desk - something that has to be done after every 5 pages or so, or I can't find anything.

I'll probably spend most of the day knitting, scrapbooking, and just chillin' out. I rather look forward to it, though by noon I'll be missing Chloe terribly.

I spent yesterday hanging out at my mom's house all day with the girls. She is so nice to keep me company. :o) We played with her Klick-n-Kut, did some scrapbooking, Chloe and I went in the hot tub, I helped my little brother with his trig homework, and it was just a nice day.

I leave you with one final picture, one I've been trying to capture now for some time.

How could you ever say no to that lip? LOL She has us wrapped around her little finger with that look. (It took 15 tries to get that picture. Which means I sat there with a camera in my baby's face while she was crying. :-X)


Oh my goodness. The cat is actually chasing the dog now.

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