Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The cat

Sadly, Milo does not seem to be a particularly healthy cat. He has some sort of upper respiratory infection that means he is sneezing constantly. This wouldn't be so bad except that he actually emits large cat boogers everywhere he goes. Big slimy green ones sometimes. It's really, really gross. He snores louder than Chloe (which is quite a feat) and his right eye is always twitchy and runny. We've got him on an animal homeopathic, the vet said not to be concerned, but it's pretty yucky. I'd love him so much more if it weren't for the constant boogers he sprays all over the house.

And he loves us. Oh, how he loves us. He loves us so much that he crawls into bed with us, puts his face right up against one of ours, and purrs. And then he sneezes, and cat boogers are sprayed all over our faces.

Izzy is trying desperately to get used to him. She no longer wants to eat him - she just wants to play. Problem: a 100-lb lab "playing" means using her gargantuan paws to smack him around a little and see what happens, or chasing him at top speed through the house until he's safe under some random piece of furniture. And the cat isn't the smartest. He's so flippin' friendly. All he wants is love. So he rubs his little body against Isabel, and she tries, oh how she tries, not to take a bit out of him. Eventually, her senses get the better of her and she snaps, so he runs under the furniture, only to come back out in about a minute and a half and try snuggling up to her again. :::sigh::: stupid cat.

Currently, I'm watching him bathe himself. Only this weird, twitchy thing keeps interfering. Most of us know the twitchy culprit as a "tail", but he's not figured that part out yet. Apparently it has little feeling - he keeps biting it, and hasn't realized yet that it's attached.


So - we have a problem. A rather serious one, really. MY CAMERA IS MISSING. It's gone! It is nowhere to be found. I was handling it rather calmly for the past couple days, but I'm beginning to panic. I am a picture taker. It's what I do, it's who I am! and I have nothing with which to record every mundane moment of my life now. What will I do?

I do have an old camera. I suppose it will suffice until we can solve the case of the mysteriously disappearing camera. The last I saw it, I was taking pictures of our living room painting project. We put the living room back together, and poof! the camera is gone. I'm so sad.

Cora was laughing tonight like I've never heard before. I was holding her in my lap while I played with the cat with my tape measure, and she was belly laughing so hard! Those baby laughs - they just get to you! They are so sweet and joyful, you can't help but feel happy when you hear them. She sat there and laughed at that cat for a good ten minutes. And I had no camera to record it with.


If she could see him now, I know she'd be cracking up. He's on my rocking chair, still chasing that strange furry, twitchy thing attached to his behind. He is attempting to cram his head between the slats in order to reach it more easily, but the darn thing just keeps on getting away. :-P


I have a good 10 inches of the Central Park Hoodie knitted now. Sadly, I have no camera, and so I can't show you. :o(

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